The Intellectual Blogger Award

I was most honored recently to be tagged with the Intellectual Blogger Award by Paul at Cafe Philos.


The other nominees (I donno if they are nominees or awardees or intellectuals. Call them braintologists if you wanna.) have gotten busy naming their new awardees. You’re meant to pass it on to five others.

This is tough. Likely it doesn’t change anyone’s life one way or another to be given a blog award, and yet… I can’t imagine recognizing five people on my reading list for this and not the others. I can honestly say you’re all freakishly smart. Some are wondrously creative, others are poignant or funny or just really, really appealing.

Five. Hm. I wish I had other awards to dole; I was thinking of a ‘These are my five favorite blogs’ award, but I suppose that would really show favoritism. There should be a stunning photography award, for I have met some awesome photographers here.

I’m stalling. I chose. I did. I figured out a way to share some new blogs I want to share, and honor a few others I wanted to honor. If you aren’t on the list, please understand that being dubbed an intellectual doesn’t necessarily make you my favorite; and if you’re on the list, understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t my favorite, either. Basically these are some blogs that make me stop… and wonder. And that’s pretty cool.

Something old…
No, I’m not suggesting that Ben of Ombudsben is ancient or yoda-like in any way. Simply, he is my oldest friend here in the blogosphere, the longest standing sentinel on my reading list. Ben’s writing prompts even my reluctant grey matter to thought. He is someone I often read and come back to later, exploring the ideas he presents before I venture a comment.

something new…
Lilli Pad is a newcomer to my daily reads, and I’m simply astonished by her talent with words.

something borrowed,
I borrowed this from The Lilli Pad’s blogroll. Okay, I kyped it. The Overnight Editor is another awesome wordsmith whom I wanted to share.

& something blue-
I love Tim Sandlin’s thoughts. I’m going to love his books, too; they’re on my Christmas list. He hasn’t changed a thing, it’s the same default WordPress theme with that big, blue goofy header. No pictures, no frills but the stark charm of words to pull you in. This is one of my haunts, and though everyone should get the chance to read him, it’s been kinda cool to feel like a private audience.

(and something red)
QuoinMonkey and ybonesy of red Ravine run this site with guest artist contributions from time to time. Their writing is thought provoking, but like I said, so many of the people I read have wonderful words. The reason I chose red Ravine is because of the wonderful discussions they facilitate in each thread. The sense of community is very strong, and their approach really encourages and reinforces the power of artistic endeavor.

So there you have it. Pass these on, or don’t pass these on… display your award or dont. I think of these awards first and foremost as a toast.

13 thoughts on “The Intellectual Blogger Award

  1. All excellent choices.

    You find the most interesting people and blogs, Amuirin. I’m glad you somehow found me (not that I think I’m interesting or have an interesting blog) because it’s allowed me to follow you around and get to know some of these interesting people and blogs.

  2. Am., aw, once again you’re too kind.

    yb.: Yoda is a bit paunchy, no? I’m doing my best to go in other directions. Well, maybe except for when I have a fork in hand. But really, the rest of the time … my distance runner past indeed recedes.

  3. No, Yoda isn’t paunchy. He has a big head and big ears, whiteish whiskers. At least, I don’t think he’s paunchy. Wise, cute, powerful. What’s not to like?

  4. Thanks Am, yb, Stevo, & QM. I googled yoda and you’re right. For some reason, in my mind I pictured him buddha-bellied. Guess I’m showing my sci-fi niavete, and now I’ll have another option for an avatar, huh? Unless Lucas’s lawyers get hold of me …

  5. Those are great choices, Amuirin! Thank you for passing the meme along. (I’m a little late to read your post because I’m just getting back from something like a forced vacation from blogging.)

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