Into the blue night


Set out again into the blue night, to offer my thoughts to the lonesome sea.


But the sea wasn’t lonely. She was crashing and dancing, under the indigo sky.


We were the lonely ones, the people who had come to the edge of where the world starts, hoping for something.


And as the light waned, we huddled nearer eachother, breathing the world’s breath; mindlessly comforted by the tide’s rhythm.


I thought of you when a spark glowed suddenly on the edge of the cold sea. Those thoughts kept me warm through morning.


10 thoughts on “Into the blue night

  1. We had one of those funny crescent moons last night. As it was setting, it was peaking through dark clouds so all was black except for a sliver of light.

    I quite like the way the graininess of the second photo captures the graininess of a moist cloudy twilight.

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