And it Rains

It’s a very Oregon day: Dark, grey, drizzly.

I kind of like it. I donno why. Aos featured a song by Garbage on his yellow video compilation, “I’m only happy when it rains”; but I swear I had these ideas first.

Something somber and melancholy in the soul likes the overcast, the failed morning. I like the dark quality of the light that makes it through the blinds. My cat has crept in here and curled up for the semi-company of typing keys and quiet breathing. All the world has made its busy, dreary way to work and it’s me and the pets now; and whatever I can wrangle from myself on screen.


I guess we get along okay. It isn’t Tuesday’s fault that it’s Tuesday, it’s not my fault that I no longer wanna ‘thrust in the opposite direction’ when the black sheep of the week pokes its head in.

I’m a very happy girl, here in the melancholy. My soul needs the quiet, the solitary as much as it needs the pure joy of last night’s perfect company. This is when I can be my dark, blank self, and wrestle the fine mud of my being into something more scrutable; like words and tennishoes.

The eyes open to a cry of pulleys,
And spirited from sleep, the astounded soul
Hangs for a moment bodiless and simple
As false dawn.
” – Richard Wilbur, Love Calls Us to the Things of This World


7 thoughts on “And it Rains

  1. Fall on the Oregon coast is probably my favorite season/location combination. There was nothing better than driving out to the wayside down in Oceanside with a couple sandwiches and a book during a overcast day or light shower.

    Plus, you never have to compete with others over agates on those days.

  2. It is pretty nice, though the colors on the drive inland are somethin’, too… Corvallis isn’t usually notable for it’s prettiness, but this time of year…

    And it’s so nice when the damn tourists go home. We get the beach back, and the roads. It seems they go home later every year.

  3. It’s a very Oregon like day here too and I don’t live in Oregon. But it feels like Oregon.

    I like it when tourists go home, too. Leaves more wine for me at the wineries.

  4. I think we’re having an unusually fine year for fall color here, myself … at least in Portland, we are.

    I liked today’s weather, too … wet and windy, a tea and cats and snuggly sort of day. I came home and made cookies. It was that sort of a day.

  5. I love gray rainy days, too. They’re my favorite, although people tell me that if I lived somewhere where they were the norm and not the exception, I’d get depressed. Try me, I say.

  6. Another wet day here. They said sunny but no. They say sunny on Friday but I doubt it. They are forecasting 80 degrees for most of next week. What are the chances?

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