4 months

Oh yeah. Stop and Wander is 4 months old today.

Isn’t that sweet? *cooes*

Today’s milestones:

Blog Stats
Total Views: 13,818
Best Day Ever: 454
Views today: 164

Posts: 128
Comments: 1,157
Tags: 176


14 thoughts on “4 months

  1. you are doing well for a 4-month old! I was floundering at 4 months but suddenly started doing better after 5….but even then was not getting that many views per day. Improved significantly after 7 months…
    now there is pressure to keep up the work!

  2. Yeah! I’m so glad you’ve passed this milestone, and I hope you keep on blogging. I enjoy your blog immensely. I come by every day, sometimes more than once. You’re a great writer and have a wonderful quirky sensibility about you. I’m a fan. Yep.

  3. I’d be happy to get those numbers in a year. Kudos in all respects.
    And don’t bother with the underwear trick; you might enrage Dennis Leary.

  4. thanks bibliomom

    aos- a good point. I’ll hafta come up with some new kind of celebration.

    ybonesy- wow. Wow! What a truly wonderful compliment. I’m a huge fan of red Ravine too, in fact… oh, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

    Ed- Thanks! kind of.

    Nita- you know, I’ve visited your blog two times, and both times had something catch my eye in your links, and ended up on this journey, and haven’t yet left a comment or even actually read you yet. You must stop having such interesting trappings, or I’ll never get to the content. ;)

    Mr. Hand- Okie doke.

    pmousse- thank you!

    teaspoon- thank you!

    andy- well, it’s fate now. I will start combing the inter-tubes for suitable grannies

    rtd- you had the strangest ideas

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