Everybody’s doin’ it

Chatting, I mean. Everybody chats. I have a messenger service, but I suck at remembering to turn it on; and if it’s on, it’s kind of like a distraction machine. Lots and lots of time just disappears.

But… so many of the people I’ve come across here through WordPress and blogging are fun, smart and creative, so I thought it would be fun to open up a window of opportunity to chat once in awhile. To the right you’ll see a Meebo (woot-woot!) ’99 yeti chit-chat’ (Sasquatch is kind of a theme around here).

Once a week or so I’ll make myself available for anyone who’d like to shoot the shit for a bit. I’ll post when I’ll be chatting next in a text box. Anyone can show up for chats, especially venerated ‘Steamed Pears’.

You can customize a nickname in the chat box, it lets you change it from guest 2345 to whatever you like; blog names would make it easier for me to identify you, but if you wanna be an enigma, more power to you. I’ll be around for a test run this coming Wednesday, October 17 at 6:15-7pm Pacific time. That’s 9:15 Eastern.

Feel free to bring presents.

Update: Grandma asked me to dinner. Can’t say no to my grandma, so chat pushed back till 7pm. Sorry for any inconvenience.


8 thoughts on “Everybody’s doin’ it

  1. Cool… I shall try to remember to check in around that time. Those chat boxes are fun een for offline times, just to leave a quick hello not related to any particular post.

    I am a terrible chat addict. As you say, it really can eat time… but yes, bloggers are so much fun to interact with.

  2. I’m dreadful at chatting. I might show up anyhow. I’ll be the person who doesn’t have much to say (or manages an appropriate witty comment or comeback long after the conversation has moved on).

  3. grman- I’m a little uncertain…

    pmousse- I hear you, I was addicted to a chatroom for a time. I think I like blogs better overall.. there’s something more patient about an exchange where thoughts are captured more like stills than moving video. Also I think writer’s here tend to be more sincere than your typical chat sorts. But that’s just my opinion.

    Robin- You’re bein modest. I hope you do get the opportunity, (and god I hope no one expects me to be witty) ;)

  4. especially venerated ‘Steamed Pears’

    Coreincidentally, we have a pear tree in our backyard. Thry have to be very ripe to be good. A bit … fibrey. But last night R put them in a nice salad. With blue cheese dressing, they were very good. Quite toothsome.

  5. ombudsben- they sound good. A pear worked its way into a story i wrote yesterday, and now I suddenly realize where it came from. :)

    jules- yay! I’m glad… right now I’m tryin to figure out if I’ve got the right thing there. Meebo is calling it an IM program,so I donno if people will be able to see eachother’s messages.

    I’m gonna wrangle with it today.

  6. if you send out an invite to the Dalai Lama, then i will be there

    wednesday the Dalai Lama accepts the Congressional Gold Medal. can you even imagine what your ratings will be if you get the first interview with the Dalai Lama on wednesday night?

    it’ll be bigger than getting the Super Bowl winners

    i’m sure Barbara will beat you out on getting the first interview, maybe a Morning Show exclusive, but it is worth the shot!!!

    good luck

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