I stand before you inspired

This was inspired by aos.

This was inspired by Ron.

This was inspired by David and Handward

This was inspired by ybonesy

This was inspired by Other david.

And this was inspired by the dudes of Unrealistic Expectations, and Kip.


11 thoughts on “I stand before you inspired

  1. That last cat on the last video just breaks me up every time. I laugh so hard I cry… and I’m not someone who likes cute kitten videos. But lord … oh long john. God, that’s funny.


    Okay, I’m fine now.

  2. first video, at first i am like okay, this is hot, but then a little into the video and it started to become unusual to me, and the hotness disappeared and turned more into something like an unwanted cold shower. you know you are are the beach or some where with the whole family, or friends, you don’t get to ths shower quick enough after an afternoon out and about, though you go in wanting hot water, only to find out there is nothing but cold water left, you still take the shower…kinda like how i still watched the whole video


  3. First video: is it actually physically possible to move one’s buttocks in that fashion? Wow. I am in awe.
    Second video: I’m dreadfully confused by the giant couch comedian. Who is this guy? Why is the audience SO amused by him?
    Third video: I can see why Handward/Mr. Hand & David inspired this one.
    Fourth video: Why am I still watching when I have so much stuff I need to get done??
    Fifth video: I think these cats are kind of creepy.

  4. Did Ellen DeGeneris pretending to eat popcorn not make you absolutely crazy with a craving for popcorn??? It did me. And I might even write about dark theaters IF wordpress gives us back our blog, which it suspended this afternoon. Por qua, I don’t know. Surely a mistake. Am awaiting word now, and will hang out here and other places until I know more.

  5. ybonesy- Yep, that video actually prompted tonight’s fun, which is a trip to the movies.

    That’s very odd, because I think I saw your blog was highlighted again by wordpress, on the homepage.

    Didja write them an e-mail?

    aos- that thank you will surely raise a few brows. ;)

    fish- I know what you mean, I do. Hey, if her legs ever get amputated, she’ll still be mobile. That’s kinda… yeah.

    teaspoon- that 2nd video, that’s Gallagher. Surely you’ve heard of Gallagher? He’s famous primarily for exploding fruit. People line up and queue to get in the front rows of his shows in the hope of bein splattered by fruit pulp.

    Really the demolition of fruit is the foundation of comedy. They approached this epiphany with the slip on the banana peel gag, and Ernie got closer with his ‘I can’t hear you, I’ve got a banana in my ear’ gig, but Gallagher finally made the real breakthrough and just blew the fruit up.

    He may be the only person in all of history to attain legendary status through the destruction of watermelon.

    Robin, pmousse, & other david- glad you enjoyed, and yer welcome, other david. Yeah, the cat video was fun to find. I hope this doesn’t count as cat blogging.

    Ron- I should thank you all, you freaky muses.

  6. Yep, sent a couple of emails, but no response. Well, maybe WP will inspire a three-day weekend from blogging since there are no staff during the weekend, and given this late hour, doubtful we’re going to figure out what happened.

    I loved the glute and gallagher videos. Haven’t watched the others. But I do think you’re treading on thin cat ice. Do be careful. Can has popacorn and veedeeos.

  7. Nobody has mentioned Patrick Stewart! I guess that means you picked it well because I laughed so hard my clothes fell off, but everyone else just likes cats.

    “Is there any nudity in it?”

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