Violetty Velvety Purple

I cheated. The first video, you know? It isn’t a music video. But… but…. seriously, like if you have a purple video compilation, don’t you kinda hafta show the purple monster video clip?

Do you think that’s what inspired that song ‘Purple People Eater’?

K, violet is a shade of purple so Violetta makes this compilation. There’s something eerily cloying about her songs, her voice; you get the idea she has beckoned her share of ‘friends’ over to the dark side. I like how it ends.

Darling Violetta- Spoiled and Rotten

Los Lonely Boys ‘Velvet Sky‘ meets my compilation requirements, cus you know that velvet sky of which they sing is the deep, deep purple that spreads out like a blanket flecked with stars. I even like that song… but there’s another Los Lonely Boys song I’d rather showcase here. ‘My Way’- because… it isn’t the individual voices or musicianship that make this band noteworthy, it’s how they play together. Watch the two guys on guitar, there’s a subtle back and forth that takes place; their harmonies are right on. Their interplay is a pleasure to watch.

I do. I do love Indigo girls, I do, I do.

And I can sing that song. Good-like.

Here it is, I know you’ve been waiting for it. Jimi.

Bonus Section: Sunday Morning

by request, Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning

No Doubt’s Sunday Morning

For C.B.- Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning

The Young Rascals Groovin… on a Sunday afternoon


6 thoughts on “Violetty Velvety Purple

  1. Always a sucker for Sesame Street and or the Muppets…guess we’ll be fighting over that when Green comes around. And though I’ve never really liked Los Lonely Boys, I do like that live clip you found

    Maroon 5 reminded me of an idea I have been kicking around that any band with numbers between 10 and 99 in their name (Finger 11, Sum 41, etc) should have been automatically disqualified from recording but haven’t really built up all the evidence yet. Lots of good bands with numbers under 10.

  2. the first video made me think of ManHunter, the original, but i don’t know why

    Jimi! (one bad and crazy, mofo)

    but, i enjoyed the last video the most

    thanks for sharing purple with us

    no Purle Rain? how dare you!

    my first casette purchase was Prince, but i always get the memory mixed up and want to say Chakka Khan (Chakka Khan, Chakka Khan, Chakka Khan let me rock ya, let me rock ya Chakka Khan, that’s all i want to do. i think that is how the lyrics went). though, i do remember my first 10inch, it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘Relax’, but i went to go pick up the song ‘Reflex’, ugh, what a dissapointment when i got home.

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