The Blog Star

Ty, ty, Ombudsben, for thinking of me when you passed out your blogstars. My response has been a long time coming, but here goes. This is the bright shiny blog star:


This is who gave it to me.

And this is who I’m passing it on to, and why.

Paul of Cafe Philos
Because he reads, processes, and shares more worthy blog entries in a week than most people do in a year.

Robin of Bountiful Healing
There’s a lot of reasons why, but today it’s because of beautiful handwriting, and she spared the lake.

Jaynova of the High Holy Church of Jaynova
A relative newcomer to my blog-world, I really like what he has to say and the effortless, friendly way he does so.

Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science
Not just cus he tagged me with a (pretty cool) meme, but also because he is always working, posting the most astounding finds in the science world, presenting them in a clear and engaging way, and he does so unobtrusively. Never directing attention to himself, though attention to his posts is richly deserved.

There’s a lot of other people who deserve a blog star, but I hafta save some people to tag for the next meme, and some others have expressed their displeasure with the meme/tag aspect of this stuff. Also, these are the ones I could spell.


12 thoughts on “The Blog Star

  1. LOL! I love your last reason.

    Thank you. :)

    I suppose this means I’m tagged again which in turn means I have to go out and tag a few folks. Hmmm….will have to give this some thought.

  2. Thank you so much, Amuirin! Like Ed, I find this sort of stuff extraordinarily motivating. But how come I discover this wonderful surprise you’ve prepared for me only after waking up from a nap — when I’m still tongue tied! There ain’t no justice!

  3. If I know what this all means I would’ve congratulated everyone. But I just don’t get it… I’m kinda new to this blogging thing :p.

  4. Robin- Yeah, take your time with it, no rush. It took nearly two weeks for me to respond to mine. I love how this blog star looks like a disco ball.

    Ed- you are sincerely welcome.

    What steve said.

    Paul- You? Tongue-tied? The very idea… :) Glad it was a positive waking, then..

    Celia- There’s a few of these awards out there, actually. The thinking bloggers award, several permutations of the blog star, and the recently added ‘intellectual bloggers award’. They’re all just kind of ways to honor blogs that you read and think deserve special praise. Also, bloggers can display the graphic on their side-bar as kind of a recommendation to new readers. I bet you haven’t been ‘meme’d yet, either, huh?

    You’ll get tagged in due time, count on it. :)

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  6. Thanks for the award! I didn’t realize that I wrote in an “effortle, friendly way.” I did realize that my entries were short and to-the-point. Maybe that’s the friendly part…there’s less of it that you have to read!

  7. Wow, A, very thoughtful and considerate — you put the star to wider use than I did. Am back and catching up (saw the pingback) will return & more later after we’ve dugout (no, not the baseball term) onward – B.

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