Catchin’ Up

I got memes. I got awards. Dude, I’m so behind on this bloggity thing.

Jaynova…. 5 album meme. Here’s my top 5 (in keeping with the author of this meme this is a transitory top 5, scheduled to change at any given moment)

The Fray
How to Save a Life
I know they’re main stream. I don’t even love all their songs, but ka-boom, two of my favorite, couldn’t get enough of them songs came off this album. Two. That’s amazing. So they’re so on my list.

Landon Pigg;
One of those albums, evoked the album ‘Side’ by Travis, because while none of the songs bust through the roof, I like them all. The vocals- strong. Lyrics- strong. Melody- strong. Just a really solid album.

Lauryn Hill
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
I liked most of the songs on this album, and always been a Hill fan.

Yo-yo Ma
Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites
Turns out I love the unaccompanied cello. Who knew? The reason I tuned in at first was because of the following scene from the West Wing.

The Hush Sound
Like Vines
I was gonna post ‘Wine Red’ again, cus I’m pep rallying for this band, but, like, Serendipity! Look more West Wing! To the background of The Hush Sounds title track. Goody!

In keeping with the author’s idea, anyone who wants to take this on, can. No one’s officially ‘tagged’. If you wanna leave your top five albums in comments, that’s totally ok. I mean, I won’t report you to the meme police or anything.


10 thoughts on “Catchin’ Up

  1. Difficult list to put together (no particular order)

    Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – Havin’ A Party

    The Blow Monkeys – Animal Magic

    Bruce Sprinsteen – Born To Run

    The Iguanas – Nuevo Boogaloo

    The Neville Brothers – Treacherous, A History of The Neville Brothers (1955-1985)

    —and no making fun of The Blow Monkeys… ;)

  2. i’ll be fair and list the top 5 albums i’ve listened to, odd, but i can’t remember listening to them in a very long time, years for some, decades for others, but when i was playing these, man was i playing them, so much that they are still my favorites, i mean most played!

    1. Janes Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking
    2. Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dreams
    3. Dr. Dre / Snoop Dog – The Chronic / Doggie Style
    4. Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique (Licensed to Ill, close second)
    5. Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

    honorable mention
    6. tie, very early, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and U2

    i will leave you with this, i’ll never put The Smiths on any list, they are too special for any list of mine, so is one cd i have ‘Coldcut – Jouneys by Dj: 70 Minutes of Madness’, both can make me vomit in different ways

  3. You know I find this impossible. Started off with White Album which might have the widest creative range on one album (excepting maybe some of Blur) as well as just blowing me away year after year. Then to Exile on Main Street because without blues and soul, good rock and roll would not exist, and here is the exemplar. And then Pixies (either Surfer Rosa or Doolittle) and then I just couldn’t go on. Too many, and what about outside of Rnad r; what sbout Koln Concert from Jarrett or Glassworks from Phillip Glass or Sextant from Herbie Hancock and so forth…..I don’t think I could even get it down to ten. And then there would be that other list of top ten bands which could be entirely different.

    And as you said, there’s the transitory aspect…

  4. @aos:

    which is why I qualified with no particular order, which is also subject to change. But, if you’re truly honest, it comes down to the ones that have a spot in your CD changer,n or, if you’re old like me, stacked upon each other on a spindle waiting for the Shure Diamond stylus too obliterate the vinyl grooves… :)

  5. Ron- I don’t think you can fairly ask us not to make fun of the blow mokeys… :p

    fish- I agree with your ties, early chilli peppers and U2 are both just classics. I was also thinking about Early Billy Joel and Sarah Mclachlan. As far a mileage on an album, they’d both take it.

    aos- this just tickled me. I was thinking when I posted this, if aos tries this out its gonna torture him. He’ll post 5, but then post 5 outshoots of each five and debate the pros and cons of each choice… I like that. I like how intensely you enjoy your music.

    rtd- but even your typos are pretty. I d’no if I wanna interfere with them. ;)

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