Without words

I’m startled today. Did you ever startle into quiet? Same feeling as arms wrapping around you. Same exact same thing.



8 thoughts on “Without words

  1. It gives me a shwooshy feeling. Like I’m being lifted out of something bad and into a very calm place…

    And it’s green, which is good, everything is turning brown outside my window!

  2. a bit startled, but that is because of this blog

    it has me thinking, and i like when it does that, we all need some quiet to think about things, of course i can’t find any answers to anything

    so i guess i will go back to being quiet

  3. Steve- *grins* I was checkin’ out your photo while you were checkin’ out mine.


    Celia- great word, ‘shwooshy’, and I can see it, somehow.

    thanks Ron

    thanks fish

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