I’m down to my last great idea.





No matter how I font it, nothing’s happening. So, watch this video, and then send me presents.

I like presents.

(no dead flowers squirrels)


18 thoughts on “I’m down to my last great idea.

  1. Hi.

    I didn’t watch the video.

    I rarely watch the videos on blogs.

    It has to do with not wanting my computer to make sound while other people are sleeping and being too lazy to find headphones.

    Also, I’ve never really understood the line through thing.


  2. Wow. I like R’s comment. It’s like:

    “Hi, I love coming to your site. I don’t actually pay attention to anything going on here, but I like the colors.

    I’m outta he-he-heeeeeaarrrrrr.”


    *Actually, since I’m at work, I didn’t watch the video either!!!*

  3. Thanks. Yeah. That’s pretty much it.

    I like reading stuff here. I never watch the videos. I feel kinda disappointed when I see a video post. It feels like Amuirin is trying to exclude Luddite me who thinks computers should be seen and not heard.

    I think I’ll click on jaynova’s name now.

  4. Don’t you just hate that? People reading carefully and then thinking.

    Oh. Man. Enough to drive a person MAAAAAAD!

    I like cow sounds. I’ll type one for you: MOOO.

    That’s kind of like a present.

  5. My present to you: I watched the video even though I was tempted not to.

    I would’ve sent a party bag of M&M’s, but it looks like your M&M craving has moved on.

  6. I’ve sent out all my presents to other people, and all I have left are dead squirrels. I wish I had read (and watched) you earlier.

  7. My goodness what a tight bunch of socalled friends. I didn’t watch the video because it no longer works. I like the active playing with your last great idea and font game, it’s a clever there but not there idea, and anyway, I like giving you presents. I think I shall give you a night sky full of stars, a new constellation shaped like a crooked halfgrin, i think i shall give you a wide open road leading up into that sky, i shall give you a daisy a day, i shall give you back all the joy and smiles and giggles and thoughts and clevernesses and sprightly bounces and happinesses and specialnesses you have given me, doubled, and wrapped and up in one wonderful word, Amuirin, that is, i shall give you this, thankyou for being you,

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