Videos blue. Yeah… yeah.

I’m glad that this song is on their ‘Blue Album’, because it’s my favorite Weezer song. I like how the lead singer looks down and sideways on the close-up, and how they seem to be grooving along, until the emotional connect that slams in during the bridge, where the words of the lyrics connect with something plaintive and angry in the music. It’s like they’re deflecting something that eventually can’t be deflected, it peaks and then everything’s cool again… on the outside. ‘Say it Aint So’

I was gonna post Blue October’s two hits, because I actually really like their stuff, particularly the somewhat creepy hit ‘Hate Me‘. That was just a great song to whale on during the last break-up. Perfect timing too, but both of their awesome ones have suffered from overplay on the radio. Still, ‘Into the Ocean‘ reminded me of another ocean song, ‘Big Blue Sea’, by Bob Schneider. Which isn’t my favorite at all. Darn. But wait! He’s got another Blue song. And it’s better.

Blue plays prominently in both the lyrics and video of U2’s ‘The Sweetest Thing’. This song has always been one of their best lyrical achievements, in my humble opinion.

I gotta link to Madonna’s ‘True Blue‘. It’s kinda astounding to see the poor production quality of this early video. It’s pure camp, but this song… oh. Age 11, I remember sitting in the back of a van with six other girls, headed to a sleepover party, and this song came on the radio and we all SCREAMED for them not to turn the channel. We all knew the words by heart, and even though by the tender age of 11 we had become ‘too cool’ (read awkward and self-conscious) to sing out in music class, much less in front of people, every single voice chimed in to this most beloved of prepubescent melodies.

Now Rhett Miller’s color conscious little tune

By request, Rooney- Blueside (Great song! Nice one, Ron)

& finally Blues Traveler- ‘The Mountains Win Again

More Blues:

See the blue video compilation at Ass of Steel.
Robin’s blue color series at Bountiful Healing
Two blue herons, here and here
Blue skies at Red Ravine
Ed’s article on the science behind seeing colors.


13 thoughts on “Blue-y

  1. I love the Blue album so much.
    much much much much.
    It is lovely. It’s one of those albums I want to disparage for being boring…but actually…I entirely adore it. So many great songs to get stuck into.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Nice stuff. Thanks for pointing me to the brilliant blues at Bountiful Healing and to Red Ravine as well.

    Always loved the Rhett Miller songs with or without the Old 97s, and that Rooney-Blueside was new to me….going to follow that up. And who can possibly not love Weezer?

  3. The lead singer from Rooneys, that’s the dude from the Princess Diaries! I thought it was him.

    aos- Not love Weezer? I just can’t imagine who, but I bet that same person doesn’t like chocolate milkshakes and fraggle muppets, either.

  4. Age 11. I’m trying to think how old my oldest son was at that time. Probably about the same age.

    I suppose it’s some consolation that Madonna and I are the same age. lol!

    I enjoyed all of these, but my favorites were the Rhett Miller and the Rooney, both of which were new to me. I learn a lot when I come to visit you.

  5. Robin- That’s a wonderful thing to say to an aspiring writer. I come away with something from your blog too, something between serenity and inspiration.

    jaynova- This is my feeling. I donno if the rest of the world will so willingly accept that as gospel, but at least we know. :)

    pmousse- Yeah, that’s a classic. I’m glad you enjoyed ;)

    O- My mom Looooved Joni Mitchell. So I’m still, y’know, coming to terms with her. Big Yellow Taxi, right?

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