A Smattering of Songs

 These aren’t grouped or organized any particular way. They’re ‘just because I like ’em’ songs.

 I’m on their bandwagon now, waving my pom poms and rooting for The Hush Sound. These up and comers have something…. something good going. ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’-

 A really cool live version of Howie Day singing ‘Brace Yourself’.

Remember Marcy Playground? Remember Sex and Candy? His visions were sweetly creepy but he always made me feel safe, to watch his face. I wonder what became of him.

Lame video, cool song: Not Tonight by Tegan and Sarah

Again with the video that doesn’t do the song justice. But at least this one’s amusing, when the old man is gently fondling the wax monkey. What’s that all about, i wonder…

Tony Bennett’s voice actually got better after years and years of singing. The once strident notes now sound like wood that’s been polished over and over again. Beautiful.


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