Pitch Black Rainbows

As colors go, black seems oddly appropriate this Sunday.

Did british rock band ‘Muse’ exist before Black Holes and Revelations? If so, I never knew about them. But this album… it surprises me because I like it. There’s something light and sinuous about the approach of Matthew Bellarmy. He’s like a digital sprite gyrating on stage. I like what they do when other bands with a similar approach might irritate me. Starlight is my favorite, but their title track video also features interesting execution.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and AudioSlave singing a plaintive solo version of ‘Black Hole Sun’.

Si & I like to groove to the Black Eyed Peas sometimes, and I have a girly-crush on Jack Johnson, so it was pretty serendipitous when the two musical entities combined to create this number ‘Gone Going’. Like many Black Eyed Peas collaborations, there’s a moral to the story, a message. I like that the Black Eyed Peas try to instill something positive into their offerings, though it’s hard not to snicker at this track when it’s sitting next to ‘My Humps’ in their discography collection. Video: I don’t know who the kids are that put this together, but they did a pretty good job with it. It’s well excecuted and fun in a campy kinda way. Enjoy.

We don’t hafta do The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, right? I’m gonna trust aos to cover that one. Let’s do this: The surprise whirlwind hit by K.T. Tunstall, ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’. My daughter absolutely loves this song. I don’t know why. She bounces, it doesn’t matter where we are, she will start this crazy tigger flailing, it’s infectious. K.T.-

Did you know that black is actually the absense of color? In the light spectrum, it is that which reflects no light. So I’m ending with anti-black, an all spectrum offering. This is the haunting rendition of Over the Rainbow by the once gentle giant of hawaii, Israel Kamikawiwo’ole.


3 thoughts on “Pitch Black Rainbows

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  2. I hadn’t planned on Chemical Romance but you did steal my thunder on Black Hole Sun and the Muse tune. And yes there are earlier Muse cds which I have yet to hear but a big Muse fan buddy of mine pointed out to me. Oh well, more room for my other pics.

    My daughter turned me onto the Hawaiian number and oddly enough, today earlier in my car I first ever heard the Tunstall. Serendipitous ears. And do like the mashup.

    You’re black has given me the reason to put off yellow/golden and do black next. I promise no Ebony and Ivory or I Wear My Sunglasses at Night?

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