Another School Shooting?!?

Delaware State University is locked down as police search for someone who opened fire, critically wounding two students at the university.

Details are incredibly sparse at the moment, but apparently the gunman opened fire outside Memorial Hall shortly after midnight. Two people who sustained gunshot wounds are in the hospital, and students are in a lockdown situation reminscent of the Blacksburg Virginia scenario. No one is being allowed in or out as police conduct a manhunt for the suspect.

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8 thoughts on “Another School Shooting?!?

  1. A.P. is reporting that the man who was shot, (the male is okay, the female is in critical condition) is refusing to talk about the shooting, so speculation is that this was a personal attack, and the victims knew the shooter.

    I donno. If someone shot me, I don’t think I’d be keeping their secret. Even if we were like bosom buddies.

  2. I am a non-traditional student (39 years old, caucasian) who attends DSU and I think what poeple need to focus on here is the culture of violence so readily practiced by African-American males. This shooting happened on a traditionally Black University campus and was purpatrated by Blacks against Blacks…….so is this also the fault of “Sructural Racism” in the United States? I think not. It occurred because the African American community has failed to take responsibility for the actions of their own culture and continues to engage in victim mentality. When African Americans begin to take a cold hard look into their own problems and begin to address meaningful, proactive solutions to those problems their people may then benifit from the opportunity available to all in this country. Until then, they will remain victims, not of the “White Man”, but rather, of their own inability to constuctively pursue an agenda to elevate their own people.

  3. justanotherwhiteguy- I think every minority or majority population has ‘failed’ in some way. Individuals can take responsibility for ther individual actions, it isn’t like everyone’s gonna read this, look at each other nod and go “Yeah, we need to take responsibility for our actions as a culture!”

    Since pasty faced folk aren’t exactly innocent of pointing guns at eachother and pulling the trigger I think it’s a little oh.. arrogant to waggle your finger at a large, diverse population for something that happened between three specific individuals. Also, there’s the chance that doing so could get your finger blown off.

  4. amuirin, your immediate attack calling white people pasty face folk is a response typical of the endemic problem I am speaking about. I certianly know people aren’t going to read this and have an epiphiny and go “gee our culture of voilence is keeping us down.” I made no racially despariging comments. I merely stated the point I had to the issue at hand. I, not you, have to return to campus this morning for classes and sit and try to learn in an enviornment not conducive to learning because others have an inability to be civilized. You can continue to propagate the idea “oh this is just a specific set of individuals and we can’t extrapolate to generalizations,” but I sit in those class rooms every day watching people fail to even try to achieve and then blame proffessors for their own lack of iniative. I see the level of macho bulshit gansta rappin’ idiocy these youngsters engage in every day. If your culture is failing to thrive consistently over many decades then you might want to let the victim mentality go and focus instead on modeling successful individuals who negotiate the enviornment a bit better. Funny Asian cultures down to the singular etnicity not only manage to overcome their phenotypic differences but manage to thrive. You do not hear of Asian cultures bitching about the “unfairness” of standardized testing language, they are to busy kicking the Caucasian ass in nearly every SES indicator in this country. Wonder how come they can overcome stuctural racism? Your jokeingly thinly vaile threat “you could get your finger blown off” just shows you are part of the very problem that is going on on that campus. You hear a kernal of truth and attack the messanger rather than saying “hmmmm houston we have a problem let’s get the hands ditry finding a way to solve it.” White people do indeed sometimes shoot oneanothor but usually the individual taht is shot and survives has enough comon sense to cooperate with the police in identifying the shooter. This clown who was shot is NOT COOPERATING and this tells me the idiot has plans to HANDLE THIS LIKE A STRONG BLACK MAN! So when he is taking his revenge what other bystander will be caught up in their foolish antisocial behavior? Probably not you at your keyboard ehh?

  5. You’re making an example of asians to discredit the population who has got your panties in a bunch. I pointed out earlier that waggling your finger at a group is pretty arrogant, but I guess the big generalizations are the basic problem. Not to pick on asians, but you’ve chosen to make an example of a group with incredibly high suicide rates, and a horrible environmental and human rights record… if you take into account the GROUP. Your specific bitch is how each ‘group’ interacts in the environment in which you hafta function.

    So despite the fact that yer fingering a whole culture, your problem is at heart, personal. Individual.

    Wagging your finger still isn’t gonna do any good. My suggestion is A. Leave if you don’t like your environment and B. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

    I’m not even gonna charge for that. Cheers.

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