Variations on Yellow

I have this yellow post all made up so I may as well post it. There’s a lot of ‘yellow’ tunes, but I was more interested with the variations on that theme.

K, you just can’t do a yellow montage without that goofy-ass beatle’s classic ‘We All Live In a Yellow Submarine’.

That’s all the more yellow I need. Moving toward the darker, deeper color of gold: Sting once sang a song called ‘Fields of Gold‘, but it’s Eva Cassidy’s version of that song I’m going to put down here. However, Sting had another song that I love, a song called ‘When We Dance’. I hafta post it here because it’s always been one of my favorites. If you need a reason for this to be an official ‘gold song’, then I’m plastering a gold star on its forehead.

Now for Eva Cassidy. She has such an incredibly beautiful voice. It’s always bittersweet to hear Eva Cassidy. Like most people, I discovered this talent after she died, just 33 years old, a victim to the greedy maw of cancer.

Peter Salett. Yeah, Keeping the Faith was an okay movie. It was… but this song was what I really loved about it. I was trying to sing it on the way home from the movie, and I could hardly wait to get my hands on it. Listen for the gold he sees in her hair in this little gem, ‘Heart of Mine’. (don’t mind the video.. it was the only full version of the song available)

That’s enough gold, time to mix it up a little with some 311, and their happy-go-lucky tune, ‘Amber’.


4 thoughts on “Variations on Yellow

  1. This was really fun. After a long, long day, Liz and I sat here and watched your videos and listened to the music. Liz laughed when I picked up the megaphone at the end of Yellow Submarine. She said she had the movie and we should watch it again. Then we enjoyed 311. Amber’s the color of your energy! Keep plastering those gold stars! Oh, BTW, I used to love hearing Sting sing Fields Of Gold. Romantic. 8)

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