…so much depends on the weather

Music compilation. I’ll be doing this Sundays, this is just a warm up.

This round-up consists of songs that center around a weather theme; the title above was part of a line taken from the Stone Temple Pilot’s classic ‘Plush’.

Both versions of this song are good, but here’s the acoustic version, cus I find it impressive..

When I think of weather, I think of rain and wind. Must be a side-effect of living on the Oregon Coast. Some notable songs around the wind theme: the Kansas Classic ‘Dust in the Wind‘, makes me sorta pensive and ruminative. Then there’s ‘The Wind’ by Cat Stevens. Moving onto nice weather, or at least hope of the same, that yearning gem by Bill Withers, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone’.

Oops, I guess the weather hasn’t cleared up yet. There was an animated movie Disney released called ‘Home on the Range’. I’ve seen a lot of mediocre children’s movies, but this one was so mediocre in every aspect, it almost signified a complete waste of time… except. Except, except there was one portion of the movie, where the animals are caught out in the storm and there’s a song. This portion of the film is like some strange, melancholy bird spreading wings of grace over a lost cause. The song is by Bonnie Raitt and it’s called, ‘Will the Sun Ever Shine Again’.

…^ chose the no video video, as the cartoon montage had disabled embed. Thats ok.

Ok, time for some ridiculous, excessive sun. Weeeeeezer… Island in the Sun. This’ll get rid of your seasonal affective disorder, for a minute or two.

Rihanna. Yup. I’m musically schizophrenic. Half of me just hates on the mainstream. I want indie tunes! I want expressive talents! I want people you’ve never heard of!

But you can’t dance to it. So Rihanna, Nelly Furtado, yes, even Justin Timberlake have a place in my iTunes library. Without these additions, my workouts would be a real bummer


Now somethin’ Sublime. This song is a play off of the famous ‘Summertime’ tune from Porgy and Bess. They definitely pimp it up and twist it around a bit. I had to include this in the lineup. Sublime’s one of my fascination bands. This band was together 7 years before lead singer, Brad Powell died of a heroin overdose in a hotel room in 1996. Their third album was released after his death, and it was the most popular. Some of their work is crap, and some of it is groundbreaking. I have had three favorite songs that I later discovered to be by this band. Can’t help but wonder what they would have come up with had Powell lived.

Finally, I’m gonna take a page out of ass of steel’s book and end with a beatle. This is actually a post-beatle song, even a post-humous song. It was the most popular track on the album ‘Brainwashed’, which was released one year after George Harrison succumbed to cancer. There is something plaintive and heartfelt about this closing track, and it captured my fancy more than any of McCartney or Lennon’s late work has ever managed to do. George Harrison: Stuck inside a cloud.


13 thoughts on “…so much depends on the weather

  1. Island in the Sun was all over the radio when I was in Hawaii a few years ago. How fitting. Love the song and the album.

    Its funny. I was just talking about Harrison last night. Whereas Ringo was about the same before and after, and both Lennon or McCartney were never able to reach the same artistic heights in their postBeatles careers, Harrison is the one who got better. He was the one who probably learned a lot from the experience but was also stifled by it. Even though All Things Must Pass has a lot of filler, it is pretty good. And I’m not sure but he might have been the first real fundraiser with the Bangladesh concert.

  2. Interesting smorgasbord of music there. I haven’t heard “Summertime” since being back in the States; brings back a lot of memories. Of course, I can’t figure out whether combining Sublime and random Tekken videos is genius or just ridiculous.

    And now I’ve gone and used up all my comments for the month. Dammit.

  3. YOU STOLE MY IDEA! On my way to work this morning I was thinking how one day a week would be “Not So New Music Tuesday”. Then here I come and see you beat me to the punch. I’ll be listening to these all day while I’m in my office thanks! So do you think that I can still do it tomorrow without looking like I’m being a copy cat blogger?

  4. aos- well it’s the perfect hawaii song. You’re right about Harrison, he seemed able to adapt with the times more. He was the youngest beatle in the group, and I guess they gave him a really hard time sometimes about his guitar playing. Their manager sort of picked him to bully when thiings weren’t going that good. I think he took those experiences and grew from them, where others might have quit or gotten entrenched.

    Molo- Ty. I donno either, it was the clearest rendition of the song though, and some of the images kinda work. Ha, yeah you’ve been a chatty Molo lately. If you wanna overstep your quota, I won’t tell.

    Robin- You must have sound now. Woowoo!

    bibliomom- Yes, yes I did. After the book porn thing I had to. That was such a great idea, that I’m going to be stealing all your ideas from now on. ;)

    Naw, I stole the music compilation format from aos, as it happens, and The 800Lb Gorillas posted a music compilation hours before I did, so let’s think of it as Amish Friendship bread. I’m passing the starter on to you. Wow us!!

  5. Yes, finally. Sound! In all its glory.

    I’m laughing at the idea of music compilations being like Amish Friendship bread (which I came to think of as Amish Enemy bread as after a while you’re passing that starter on to everyone you hate just to drive them batty).

    I think it’s much better than that. More like a good sourdough bread.

  6. believe it or not AM, I’ve never had Amish friendship bread.
    Funny how we were all going in the same vein with the tunes. I like how that happened.
    can’t wait to see next Sunday’s selection. mine’s was probably once and done.
    peace out

  7. GG’s- well, that just not right. Maybe we should fix it.. aren’t you in PA though? lol, I’d think in Amish Country you’d get hit by that stuff with a vengeance.

    jay & bibliomom & anyone else who’d like- Next Sunday aos & I are both doing a video compilation themed around the color Red. If you wanna join in, feel free. I know his musical knowledge will trump mine, I’m relying on the main stream for some scarlett inspiration.

    That’s ok. I’m gonna rock the casbah when we get to blue.

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