Friday Hodge-Podge

Boo-ya! Weekend! Like ya didn’t already know, right? Want a cartoon rap video? Ok!! How ’bout a little bit of link-up too? Happy to oblige!!! In fact, I’m having a touch of God-complex this morning, I’m gonna suggest certain illustrious blog posts to specific authors who might enjoy them. After that, probably time to form a subcommittee to explore methods of securing world domination. That’s been in my inbox since last Friday. (< ass of steels handiwork; he did an entire day of the week series in music)

I wanted to tell Robin about this post at red Ravine; and ybonesy, you might enjoy this darkly humorous perspective of the writing roller coaster by Tim Sandlin.

Paul Sunstone, I’m not sure you’ve yet discovered Bountiful Healing; though I know a lot of you have checked out Cafe Philos.

aos, been wanting to show you the david b-log. Stevo’s been there. Stevo finds all the places I like. It’s reassuring. If I ever accidentally start to socialize with zombies, I know he’ll be there to get a picture. (that one’s by Handward)

Sloth and Molo have battle haiku’d. There’s massive word carnage over there, you gotta see. The Gorrillas especially might appreciate.

One of the gorilla’s wrote this piece this week. I don’t have a good way to set it up. If words have any power to impact you, this will.

Bibliomom, you’d love this play on words at The Silent LoL, and Dash take a peek at Jaynova, a fellow scalliwag, if you get the chance. I don’t know if I should direct either of you to bibliomom’s book porn, though. You are young and impressionable, after all.

Handward, have you been to ‘Not Exactly Rocket Science‘? You’d like this: elegantly written weird science stuff.  Stevo and Narziss, you’re both photo wizards, ta-da!.

RTD13 blog and No One’s Driving the Plane, maybe an odd pairing, but see… Ron can speak volumes with a photo, and Mark can paint pictures with words.

Finally Ombudsben? Beautiful Desolation. Beautiful Desolation? Ombudsben.

(You guys can watch the video later. It’ll be here till Google implodes.)

This video amuses me no end. It looks like the little penguin dudes are really rapping the song.

13 thoughts on “Friday Hodge-Podge

  1. Penguins!! Is there any better animal in the world? No, I think not. And rapping penguins? Can’t beat ’em.

    Thanks, amuirin, for sending me to red Ravine. How did you know I don’t finish what I start?? Seriously, I don’t. Not when it comes to things I’d like to do for me. It might be high time I changed that behavior. That may not be why you sent me over there, but it’s what I came away with and that’s cool.

    If you need any help with that world domination thing, let me know. I think you’d do a good job of it.

  2. It’s like going to amuirin’s most excellent Friday happy hour. Great job! I loved the post you pointed me to, and now I have so much faith in your tastes that I’m going to check out the posts you pointed others to.

  3. Yay! I’m glad you all enjoyed the link-ups. It was fun to put this together.

    Bibliomom- what a great way to describe it… blind date lol.

    Robin- lol, glad you appreciate the rapping penguins.

    I’ve watched that video like 20 times. I think I’ll watch it again.

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