What if…

What if I really am the randomly selected draw winner of the the UK National Lottery Bonus Promotion, selected from over 250,000 e-mail i.d’s in their computerized email selection system? What if I really did have the winning ticket attached to my e-mail address? What if I really have 6.5 million British pounds coming to me, if I only fill out the little form and contact the ‘lottery director’, Mr. Richard Carpenter, within 10 business days?

I could be a millionaire right this minute and never even know it. I’ll miss the opportunity to sip champagne with my pony, Antipodes, on a pearl colored yacht in the South-Sea, all because their stupid winning notification letter looks so much like a retarded scam.


3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. You too?! Dammit, this means we’ll have to half the prize money…

    On a related note, I learned today that the number of people who have fallen prey to these scams (as measured by US police complaints) is 661 and the total sum they lost is $3.3 million. Which answers my question of: How many people exactly are silly enough to fall for these? And that’s obviously, just the ones who reported it. 3 were university professors.

  2. Ed- wow. And durn those 661, they provide just enough encouragement, I suppose, to generate the millions and millions of spam of this nature that must go out everyday.

    University Professors? lol. geesh.

    Paul- I still hafta start up my elvis pee e-bay racket. It’s been hard to stay hydrated enough. ;)

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