I’m not writing another post about…

A. how hard it is coming up with something to write after four hours sleep.

B. how my brain feels like a coin operated machine that won’t take my quarter.

C. how the summer is ending and that’s so poignant, blah, blah, blah.

D. Sharks. Although googlepalooza, weeble-kind. Some dying shark terrorized a beach this weekend; …like gold-mine.

E. the people who took such offense to the teen parody in the video below that they wrote e-mails accusing me of being a pimp, a slave-trafficker and or… and this puzzled me… their psychotic ex-wife, Deanna.

So what will I write about? I’ll write about ice-cream.

I really want some ice-cream. For breakfast. I’ve decided not to eat ice-cream for awhile because I *enjoyed* my summer, and now it’s time to be fit and in shape.

Being in shape entails unpleasant things like not having ice-cream for breakfast. :(

If I were having ice-cream for breakfast, I wouldn’t have a chocolatey flavor. I like chocolate a lot, but I think pecan praline is more breakfasty, somehow. It’s soothing. And it would be damn good on a waffle-

But, not a nutrigrain low-fat waffle. Nutri-grain low-fat waffles are a waste of time. You might as well eat nutri-grain low-fat ice-cream. The enjoyment derived from eating the frozen, fitness version of a waffle compared to its thick, golden, crispy, Belgian counterpart is about the same.

So I’m not having ice-cream or waffles for breakfast. Discipline. Routine. Fiber. I’m going to have a nice bowl of some sort of cereal designed for squirrels.

Maybe I’ll have ice-cream for lunch.


13 thoughts on “I’m not writing another post about…

  1. It’s 10.33 in the evening and I am now reminded of the tub of ice-cream in my freezer. It’s vanilla, but not just plain ol’ bog-standard vanilla, no. It’s *Madagascan* vanilla. Perhaps I’m wrong and Madagascan isn’t the adjectival form of an African island but a deceptive word that actually means ‘calorie-free’.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. My apparent writing ability flucuates a lot, especially with my nonfiction.

    I’m taking a nutrition course right now, and I’m pretty sure you can have ice cream 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. But I could be wrong.

  3. Great minds think alike, despite trying to live a somewhat healthy(ish) lifestyle, I’m having a huge craving for some Ben & Jerry’s lately, it will not be denied.

  4. Narziss- You are too kind

    rtd- to the waffles or the ice-cream? I could blow away the potluck circuit with these ideas.

    Robin- Goodbye old craving, hello new

    Ed- oh, if only. Next, they need to develop ‘madagascan chocolate’. my first thought was that you’d scoop into madagascan vanilla and find surprises. Like a zebra’s hoof or a toucan’s beak.

    Paul- That’s a very wise plan. You’re right, if people ate smart the bulk of their calories would be earlier in the day. Weird that it’s developed the other way, dinner usually being the heaviest meal.

    dash- no one knows for sure because the people who try that diet can’t leave their houses.

    ybonesy- yeah, I got a couple… hatemail can be amusing though. As long as its not from one’s mum.

    davidb- Oh, oh, oh…New York Superfudge Crunch!!! Phish Food! Cherry Garcia!!!! Dave Matthews Magic Brownie!!!! Like, Turtle Sundae!!!!!!!!!!!

    *breathes deeply* I’m alright now. Just a minor episode.

  5. I often eat ice cream for breakfast.

    Last night I joined the gym, ceremoniously ate my last ice cream cone, and shed a tear. I will miss the frozen creamy treat, especially first thing in the morning with coffee.

  6. bibliomom- Aw, yer just sayin’ that to make me feel better about my ice-creamless lifestyle.
    *feels better*

    Stevo- Wow, we’re on the same page. personally, I prefer coffee in my icecream to ice-cream in my coffee.

    handward- eh oh. Don’t forget the fruit and nuts. Nutrition, you know.

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