The ‘Ahhh’ factor

“What is it about love that makes us soooo stupid?” – Francis, Under the Tuscan Sun

After a couple summers in a row that sucked, it was kinda wonderful to have a summer that didn’t. It started off sucking, mucho, but then like a German housewife whose had quite enough of that nonsense, it shook out its skirts, brushed the dust off its knees, and went and had some good company and lemonade.

I didn’t go to Europe… ah well. I didn’t party in Mexico… maybe next year. I did buck the big black shadow of relationship failure and tentatively open the door to new relationships. Immediately, a beautiful italian conglomeration of passion and ‘uh-oh’ came barreling in.

Like, uh-oh.


Thank god for stupid, beautiful love.

The immersion of the senses into another human being, be it for half an hour or half a lifetime, this is as necessary as water… and chocolate… and air.

Usually, I think too much; waaaay too much. A robot could accuse me of being cerebral. Life sometimes has to dunk my big, fat head under the water and scream, “Drink it, stupid!”

“But I..*splutter* but… *gurgle* what if.. *choke* Ok!”


“Amore. Capisco bene. Baciami… baciami…No, no, no *kiss* non smettere…”

7 thoughts on “The ‘Ahhh’ factor

  1. >>Thank god for stupid, beautiful love.

    Indeed. This was something I hadn’t experience for some time. Feeling like a 16-year-old again for a few months, entertaining those adolescent thoughts of “Does she like me?” was an interesting diversion from the path I usually walk.

    It is as necessary as water, or air, or chocolate. I won’t say more, lest I sound sappy and less-than-macho.

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