Oh yes, you’re alluring

I don’t know if my friend was a man or a woman. I know they pressed their nose against the cool glass of the window for a long time. I know the large, liquid eyes put my logical thoughts on a fantasy track.

Looked for the word to describe to the patient voice on the phone: mercurial ethereal humanoid

Fairylike? Cricketesque? Okay, but not creepy. Definitely not that.


At any rate, to some eyes I suppose it’s just a common moth. The filigree artisanship, the deft but subtle folds of texture and pattern could be passed over. This one has gaudier cousins, brighter emissaries bedeck the patio flowers.

But you caught me. It wasn’t the nuance of your understated beauty, though I appreciate that on inspection. It’s the attitude; the bright, dark look. Like you were appealing to me for some form of communication.

Too coarse, too clumsy and large to understand, I took your picture.
And so it goes.


17 thoughts on “Oh yes, you’re alluring

  1. Now that photograph blows me away. I would frame and hang this. Love the reflection (?) in the upper left quadrant…almost like a nude….resonates with the new header picture, looks a backshot of the redhead.

  2. Gracias, Ron

    aos- Wow. That means a lot coming from your aesthetic sensibility. I see the reflective thingy, and I have no idea what it is but yer right, it does kinda go with red uptop.

    GG’s- It’s a plot, I tell you. Very soon I will mesmerize you with animated chanting chinchillas, and then you’ll reveal all your primate secrets to me….

    David r- Well, since you and I live in the same elevation region of the same state, I’m guessing it’s the latter. Unless these buggers love the salt-air.

  3. I think it wanted some food.

    Also, in regards to midgets and reality shows, I’m a bit conflicted. Since I’m about 3 feet too tall to be a midget, that would mean hiring someone else to do the fun stuff. Also, I want to keep my crazy marriage reality show classy- no gimmicks, just shenanigans.

  4. Wonderful! I sometimes think moths, especially when they’re in their night element, are much more interesting than butterflies. Not as showy, maybe, but more interesting in other ways.

  5. QuoinMonkey- !! Oh no! you hafta stop. I need you to go take a picture of a princess carved out of butter.

    dash- perhaps.

    Well, we could clone you smaller, like mini-me. That would make me kinda jealous though. Just cus you have all the great ideas, you shouldn’t be the only one who gets your own personal midget.

    Oscar- Ty! I better steer it back toward crude raw materials. Spelunking’s the better part of the writing process, rock polishing is for editors.

    Robin- Yep. *nods* That’s just how I feel. Have you ever read ‘Prodigal Summer’ by Barbara Kingsolver, by any chance? Her wonderful story sorta solidified a feeling I’ve had about these night flyers for awhile.

  6. Haunting photo. I love it. And when I first read it, the photo wasn’t painting for some reason, and the words were quite provocative and mysterious. You should try it.

  7. Steve- *chinese symbol inserted here, both beamingly appreciative and hopefully conveying humbly the superiority of the commenter’s photographs with two small squiggly block things*

    bibliomom- Yer right in tune with ‘the patient voice on the phone’, then. He brought up mothman and also referred to the fuzzy bodied little dudes as ‘kinda creepy’.

    ybonesy- That’s kinda sweet how it worked out. I tried it, but knowing what it was referencing likely muted the effects. thanks :)

  8. I have read it, amuirin. She’s one of my favorite authors. I just bought her new book about eating locally. I’m looking forward to reading it (it’s next on the pile of “to be read” books).

  9. I don’t know if my memory is working. I’ve rebooted my brain six times in the last twelve hours.

    I think I recall seeing Stevo’s two characters. They were small and hard to read. My recollection is that they were ‘谢谢’ but I might be incorrect about that. If my recollection is correct, then the meaning of what was said was ‘thank you’.

    I await confirmation/disconfirmation regarding the status of the functionality of my brain.

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