Say it with me..


Laundry day

“Yes, I’m wearing a corduroy jacket, navy sports bra and green duck boxers. What of it?”

8 thoughts on “Say it with me..

  1. Now is that picture being taken from someone (or something) inside the dryer or washer? It looks like you might be holding up the lid with one hand. Either that or I am looking at something shot during Laundry Day at the local dance spot….some kind of modified mambo?

    I read once that marrieds met for the first time more at laudromats than anywhere else.

    Now I understand. (I’ll start working on that brochure).

  2. stevo- how serendipitous!

    Paul- lololol

    bibliomom- *struts* yeah, who knew hodge-podge could be so sizzling

    aos- well, that’s actually my ‘groovin’ picture. And yes, The Little Rascal’s classic hit ‘Groovin on a Sunday Afternoon’ was indeed playing.

    laundromats, huh? Maybe on-site washer/dryer has had more to do with change of fate than any frog kissing or lack thereof.

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