Ah-Ha! Seven Dwarf Meme!

A new and insidious annoying blog meme.


Here goes. Find and link to seven separate blog posts (any post, from any blog author that you can find) and correlate each of the entries somehow with each of the seven dwarfs.

Bonus points if you find an eighth to go with either Snow White or the Wicked Witch. This meme may strike you as profoundly annoying; refer all complaints to stevo.

Happy- First, I choose this post from Dash of Panache at ‘The Silent LOL’, because he’s my new blog discovery and his weird, funny, T-Shirt designer post makes me happy. (Shut up. I can be as cheesy as I want, it’s MY meme)

Grumpy- Mark over at ‘No One’s Driving the Plane’ wrote this illuminating post. It features some of the ugly realities of the George Bush administration and the Iraq war; two subjects sure to make the average person grumpy.

Sneezy- Paul thinks she’s sexy, but I think she’s just about to sneeze.

Sleepy- Aos’ Leonard Cohen post. Sleepy? It won’t put you to sleep, no, but between the artist’s words and the author’s blog, this evokes the feel of a bed-time story.

Bashful- Robin’s shockingly graphic Sex post at Bountiful Healing might make you bashful.

Doc- Well, Doc is really thoughtful and wise, and so is this post, ‘Meeting our Doppelgangers‘ by Ombudsben. You’ll see.

Dopey– Ah, yes. I’ve had a snark in the offing about some of the pointless, dopey research that gets time and money in our country, every day. The Gorilla Guys touch on the subject of retarded discoveries, and send milk-up-your-nose at the same time in this post.

Snow White- Okay, this is a fairly literal translation, you’ll see the princess herself if you watch the video, but I had to highlight bibliomom’s great find. Sarah Bareilles is a hell of a talent.

And so. Who to tag? I think the rookie has to get a tag by default, so yer up, Dash of Panache. I’m also gonna nail Ombudsben, cus I’m curious what he will come up with, and Sloth and Molo because their meme undertakings tend to be hilarious.


You’re it.


8 thoughts on “Ah-Ha! Seven Dwarf Meme!

  1. You think the woman on my blog looks more like she’s about to sneeze than she looks sexy, Amuirin? True Story: My 5th grade science teacher told us that orgasms felt a bit like sneezing to her. Naturally, a parent complained about my teacher’s mention of orgasms to her daughter, who was not supposed to know such evil exists in this world. Hence, the next day my science teacher had to apologize to the class. But I myself never forgot the lesson, of course. It warped me forever. Women who look like they are about to sneeze are sexy, Sexy, SEXY! :)

  2. Thanks for not tagging me…I have my musical days of the week to finish yet…the rest of my trip….musical months and then maybe musical colours…the blogjam is getting worse..thank you for letting me read my words through another set of eyes..

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  5. Robin- *grins* tyvm. I’m glad it generated some traffic for the beetles.

    Dash, you delivered! I see responses showing up, you’re gonna be a blog superstar.

    aos- yup, yer busy, I know… and I tagged u last time, too…so had to spread the love. Musical colors is an intriguing idea.

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