A mess to call my own

Deep in the heart of a small, pacific northwest town, an insidious menace expands exponentially with each passing day…

It is a stack of paperwork, and a reliable landmark on my little plot of working space. I only bring this up because stevo of inane ramblings turns out to be a Loki of the first order.



He tagged me! Not only that, I do believe he tagged creatively, and with all menace of aforethought. For this is no 6 month old meme, passed from blog to blog in a resigned fashion. This was a random act of tagging. A brainstorm. An act of vengeance from a twisted mind residing slyly behind a benign countenance.

This is payback.

So okay, I’m bound by the blogging code of honor to oblige and list the copious contents of my work space. You might want to go potty and get a snack before you attempt the mind numbing list. My desk is chaotic, but not necessarily interesting.

In shelf over desk:

half a shelf of books, including

three journals that have never been written in-

1 black leather bound, 1 small purple hard-cover, 1 silk embroidered cloth cover

an ancient copy of Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’

Tom Robbins, ‘Villa Incognito’

‘Pigs in Heaven’ by Barbara Kingsolver

‘Emporium’ by Adam Johnson

‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy

and ‘Everything On a Waffle’ by Polly Horvath

student progress report, grade 3 (Si’s)

a very uncold ice pack

round compact, L’Oreal true match blush

a small, black, plush monkey

a beautiful square, red gift-box with lid


On desk area:


two open notebooks with writing on most of the pages, notes and figures


platinum sound speakers

a handmade kids valentine

manilla envelopes

folded up section of newspaper

scary pile of paperwork (college apps, insurance stuff, bank statements, etc.)

small Coby case with extra ear-buds for iPod

hair band

little plastic barbie shoes

envelope from La Maison with a quote I like scribbled on the back

2 joker pack of playing cards

true temptations blueberry muffin candle

amazon.com reward certificate

vertical, rubber-banded stack of postcards


‘smokey bunny’

Okay, surveying this mess closely has made me cranky, and I’m feeling the need to tag others just to make myself feel better. I don’t want to know the contents of your desk, so I’ll hafta think of something.

Go moon stevo if you get a chance.


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