Two Months

Yep, it’s the 16th again: Stop and Wander’s two month anniversary. (I think that’s the Juicy Fruit anniversary.)

My little blog can hold it’s head up by itself now. It’s starting to make vocalizations in ‘google’ & ‘yahoo’. It’s had its first deviant, its first five word search engine hit, and its first 200 weeble day. I am such a proud author.

(I know recognizing monthly anniversaries is a mildly annoying exercise. Just be glad you aren’t dating me.)

Blog Stats
Total Views: 4,519
Best Day Ever: 201
Views today: 124

Posts: 60
Comments: 477
Tags: 149

Search Engine Terms

swimsuit wedgies 1 <<<<<<<< Ouch.
“Lina Lamont” 1
cereal cheerio urine 1 <<<<<<<<< Very Possible Deviant Candidate
g string wedgie 1
Brazilian G Strings photo
www mommy bondage 1 <<<<<< < Genuine Deviant Siting!
ideas if you are bored 1
when i seen an elephant fly 1
cowsiness 1 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I really thought I’d coined an original.
Carson DDT 1
when should you stop playing with barbie 1
the movie of how people stop cats 1 <<<<< Stop them from doing… what?
who invented the g string 1
edible silly string 1 <<<<<<<<<< I knew there was a niche!
spastic diaphragm 1
people with wander eyes <<<<<<<<<<< Ouch.
women think in puddles 2 <<<<<<<<<< (That’s enbay.)
weekends, bored 1
how to stop your brain from turning crazy 1 <<<<If only there were some way.
rhinoceros male anatomy
disappearing thong wedgie 1 <<<<<<< This seems to be a recurring concern.


8 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. i’m not surprised at all, you got something going here

    and i am surprised that i am the first poster, again, next time i am going to wait till some one posts first, don’t want you to think anything ;)

    ehh, i guess some one has to be first
    pressing ‘submit comment’ now

    best of continued luck! keep it going!

  2. Congrats, I’m jealous. I just about broke out the champagne the other day for a record breaking SIXTEEN views in a single day, but alas, it’s gone back down to like 3 or 4 a day. But I only started a month ago, so I’m not too worried.

  3. Gee whiz, that’d be fantastic. I might have to use my overwhelming charisma and convince Victoria’s Secret to come out with the “Stop and Wander-bra,” considering all the lift I’m getting already. Whooo!

  4. I’m happy that my recent lack of motivation to do the work I should be doing afforded me the opportunity to stumble across your blog. I enjoy reading your posts, you are a true wordsmith.

  5. Congrats on your anniversary. I’m glad I found you, or you found me, or whatever happened.

    All my search engine referrals seem to be about mac and cheese.

  6. Pingback: “How did you get to my blog?” I ask. “Oh, I Googled - “Meatloaf’s shaky hand”" « Starting Today…

  7. Thanks guys, I’m very happy to have met you as well, however it happened and whatever the reasons,

    serendipity, oy.

    Paul and dash- K, I’d like to see a concept card and some silk and cotton samples on my desk by Friday. I’m not absolutely sure how much ‘wandering’ a person would want their parts to be doing inside a bra, but I”m open-minded.

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