Night By the Sea

Some pictures from Tuesday’s epic hike.


The sun had not yet dipped down to the line of the horizon when I set out. It was still nearly full light.



As I got farther and farther down the coast, the mist rolled in. The sun behind the mist gave the sky the eerie color of pre-storm.



The beach is beautifully designed in patches by wind and water eddies.



A striated rocky cliff emerged from the mist eventually. This tree topped craggy peninsula extends far out into deep ocean, where a lighthouse strobe flares continuously. From where I stood, the lighthouse was not visible.



It was time to turn around…


and make my way through the mounting dark….



…following the lights toward home.


15 thoughts on “Night By the Sea

  1. absolutely beautiful, like life, and waiters

    thanks again amuirin for the images, it was a perfect time to see that as it is time for sleep, for me. very soothing, i hear the ocean now, the breaking waves, the pebbles tumbling from the cliffs, the movement of sand, and the falling of night

    yep, Zzzzzz….

  2. Your “left” coast is very, very beautiful. I love the Jersey shore with its board walks and carnival-like atmosphere, but the Pacific NW is calling me now. It reminds me of the Maine coast, which is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

  3. That is stunning. You know how Oprah has that breathing space part in her magazine (come on Amuirin I know YOU know what I’m talking about) these picture remind me of that. I think I’ll come back here frequently when I need a little peaceful get away.


  4. something fishy- Well I’m glad the pictures had a lulling quality. The reality certainly did.

    GG’s- Yea there’s definitely a specific personality to the separate coast lines. I’d love to see East Coast boardwalks; coney island someday. The Northwest beaches vary quite a bit even from California, in temperament. Our sand is a little darker, and there’s a lot of cliffs/crags and land marks right outta wuthering heights.

    Robin- It really is pretty awesome. Are you familiar with the Jersey shore?

    bibliomom- I think I know, I flip through her magazine sometimes at the checkstand. :) Thanks. That’s nice to hear.

  5. The Jersey shore is where my parents vacationed for two weeks in August every year. It was always the fastest (and funnest!) two weeks of the entire summer.

  6. Wow. Small world. I didn’t even know Jersey had a shore. I have an online friend from N.J, and while he doesn’t say anything about the beauty of the state, he always seems to be heading to one fun thing or another.

    (My childhood understanding of New Jersey was limited to the expression of the voices in those Pace Picante commercials where the dude reads, “made in… NEW JERSEY??” and the other guy goes, “We’re gonna hafta string this feller up.”)

  7. You know, most of the time I kind of like where I live but when I look at these photos I feel like I have been deluding myself (wouldn’t be the first time). Only lived next to an ocean for about six months a long time ago on Vancouver Island facing towards the channel and I felt compelled to walk the shore every morning. You are blessed.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to anything related to NJ as “the beauty of the state.” I grew up in the Garden State when it truly was the Garden State. I lived in south central NJ, and there were farms and orchards everywhere. Now there are McMansions and look-alike housing where most of those farms and orchards used to be. There are still some beautiful areas, and some farms scattered about.

    The shore was always my favorite place to be. I was hoping we’d get there for at least a few days while we were on our sabbatical adventures, but plans to go were thwarted by bad weather. We’re going to try again in September when we go back east to pick up the rest of our stuff.

  9. stevo- thanks! I like finding out which photos different people like. It varies quite a bit.

    Your photos are freaky good. (they are. click stevo’s name, you’ll see) I love living here, despite the sense of unreality sometimes that I’m living in a postcard.

    aos- that comment inspired me to get up and take a walk first thing when I woke up fri.

    Robin- You’re going back in September? Then I hope you have beautiful weather (and jersey shore pictures) when you return. Heh.

    Oscarandre- very much so. You can come along on my pictorial journeys, anytime.

    startingtoday- Thank you. :) I’ve been catching up on your site, and still shaking my head over the ‘gun in your pocket’ posts.

  10. I love seeing the light change through this series of photos. Gorgeous place to walk. It is landlocked where I live – except for Lake Superior, which is magical in its own way. Nice set of photos. It’s amazing how blue the last one is as night approaches.

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