Still Talkin’

Gooooooooooood morning blogosphere!

Do you ever listen to music when you type? I try to choose stuff that won’t influence my mood a lot, but I see that it does sort of create the rhythm of the words. Neat.

So I’m outta here for awhile. Please, please, no tears. I was thinking this weekend about writing some posts to stand in, but … had some advice to the effect ‘take a real break’. A break? Away from my computer? Away from my weeble people with their whimsical weeble observations? But.. But….

And just like that I knew… yeah, break overdue.


I have an IDEA. So this will be an open thread, right. If you weebles get all distressed and go into withdrawals with the hand wringing and the other-worldly moaning for wisdom from on high, you can come talk, and here’s the genius part, I’ll talk back!

There will be comments posted at odd intervals, and they probably won’t happen to be relevant to what you might say, because my omniscience is on the blink, but I’ll be talking to you. So then you can focus your hand-wringing energy on bringing me presents.


I’ll be back reading and looking pretty on Sunday night or Monday. Have a good week.


24 thoughts on “Still Talkin’

  1. I suspect his press agent would write his blog for him when he was alive. I’m scared to google “blogs/elvis” to see how many people are writing a blog for him today. Hmmmm… maybe we could get some cheap hits, Amuirin, if we made Elvis a guest blogger on our blogs?

  2. Excuse me mam, sorry but would you be so kind to inform me where the men’s lavatory is located at? Thank you very much.

  3. While we’re talking about incredibly famous people, I’d like to mention that Donny Osmond has a blog. On one site, he sent a friendship request to me. Me. I’m telling you. Really. I got a friendship request from an account named Donny Osmond. Let me tell you, I felt honoured.

  4. I feel utterly dejected that Donny neither sent me a friend’s request, nor did I think of sending him one — thus destroying whatever chances I might have had. I shall need to up my meds this morning.

  5. *grins*

    goodness Paul, anything but that.

    Hi beautiful weebles. I brought you all chocolate. Unfortunately, I have no way to distribute it, so I’ll just hafta eat it in dedication to your bodacious, blogging selves.

  6. I was just thinking about internet chocolate distribution yesterday. I was thinking that stuffing it in your USB port and me licking my screen wouldn’t work. So, I went to a store, bought my own chocolate and ate it all.

  7. Robin- lol, well you bore up admirably. buddha, jesus and darth vader… who knew?

    bongo- that’s the spirit!

    and I’m not just saying that because i ate your chocolate.

  8. The thing about this post is that the title isn’t really timed. Sure, you’re back and all but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk here.

    With a bit of patience, we could make the comment thread go on to several hundred comments.

  9. This has dropped to the bottom of my ‘my comments’ thing. I still haven’t thought of a topic but I figured, I’d better say something lest it drop off completely and I forget about it entirely.

  10. I just discovered the “my comments” thing. I’m all excited at having found something new (new to me, at any rate). It took me a long time to figure out that people were responding to comments. I would comment, leave, and think nothing more about it.

    Just think of all the potential conversations I missed.

  11. Ahh! That brings up a topic for a little while. I’ve discovered a couple of quite handy features of this place.

    Here’s an example that I’m fond of: under ‘options’ (towards the left end) there’s an entry called ‘discussion’ (right about in the middle once one has clicked ‘options’. Down near the bottom of that page there’s a window entitled ‘comment moderation’. One can put the IP addresses (those four numbers with dots) in there when one finds one gets comments from a source that seems to say bizarre and scary things that don’t really add to the discussion.

    Of course, one can simply ignore those comments but saving others the bother of ignoring them seems like a bit of a service.

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