That Tuesday Thing




Tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.

One of the weirdest things about literary criticism, now that post-modernism has left its indelible

“Ugh. No. ”

(tap, tap, tap, tap, tap)


I love cereal.


(tap, tap, tap, tap)


tick. tick. tick. tick.


tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.

Being single in the age of technology is sort of a weird exercise in emotional cartography. You don’t have to commit to the physical omnipresence of a relation-



ptisch. ptisch. ptisch. [phonetic depiction of forehead smashing against keyboard]

“Mmmmk. How bout:”

Isn’t it weird how the inner life gives regular physical objects weight and meaning? I think objects have two distinct, separate realities: One is their objective physical reality, whose characteristics can be measured and interpreted through the senses, and the other is an objects emotional density.


(fingers arrested over keyboard)

” ”

” ”

” ”

“C’mon, c’mon…”

” ”


I’m going to the beach.


9 thoughts on “That Tuesday Thing

  1. Oh my! You know how much I love topic changes.

    This is remarkable! Noteworthy! Bodacious!

    I’m reminded of my feelings when the word ‘bodacious’ became temporarily fashionable.

    I didn’t know the word. I looked it up in the dictionary. I found that it meant ‘noteworthy’. That made me laugh.

    I imagined skater dudes saying ‘noteworthy’.

    I’m also wondering why it is that you so often write posts that I read just before it is time for me to take a shower. It must either be a coincidence or proof that aliens visited our planet millions of years ago. I look forward to a disambiguation.

  2. Great post. This is me before two cups of coffee.

    Bongo: I haven’t heard “bodacious” since high school. Back then it was used an adjective to describe female anatomy. I may have to introduce the term to my students, minus the anatomical references.

  3. stevo: indeed, I recall it appearing as a word used in that sense in what we old people might term ancient times. That’s why I’m so amused by the dictionary definition.

  4. love the style of writing you displayed, move over Charles Dickinson, it is 2007, there are no rules! the writing word is changing so much. people are again seperating themselves from the ole english prose. so drab!

    would love to see more of such writing by you. you’re good at it.

    i think i’ll read it again. :)

  5. I’m hanging out on your blog today because I can’t think of anything to post on mine. Don’t tell anyone I’m here. They might be looking for me. At least my creditors might.

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