Holy Cowpie, blog buds.

Holy crap, you people wrote a lot in the last 12 hours. I’m down to #4 on my blogroll reading list, and it’s taken an hour to get that far. I’ve learned a lot, and this is awesome stuff, but I kinda wanna go be lazy and brain-dead so it can all soak in for awhile.

It is the weekend, right?

*sets jaw, presses another link*

Update: Oh! You might want to congratulate Ed at Not Exactly Rocket Science. He’s getting married today!!!


6 thoughts on “Holy Cowpie, blog buds.

  1. You know I’ve been so bad at reading blogs lately. I have a teething toddler. (enough said) and my brain is fried but I really appreciate your comments on my blog even though my reading and commenting has been a little lax lately.

  2. bibliomom- No worries. I like your blog, it’s a pleasure to read. Everyone reads/interacts at their own pace. I like to check in daily or semi-daily, but that’s cus I have the time to do that. Blogs should be a pleasure not a chore, I think.

    Good luck with the teething. She’ll have such a beautiful smile once those pesky teeth come in.

  3. I’m glad I didn’t contribute to the cowpie, holy or otherwise. But going away from the weekend does mean I’ll have some catching up to do if everyone was busy posting this weekend.

  4. After a moment’s reflection, I’m not sure that comment came out as intended. I didn’t mean that your blog buds are turning out cowpies. What I meant was that I wasn’t here to post and contribute to all the reading material. But then again, I did post something early yesterday morning even if it does feel like it was a week ago, so I was wrong on all counts.

    Disregard previous comment.

  5. No, I can’t, now you’ve made me laugh.

    “After a moment’s reflection, I’m not sure that came out as intended: I didn’t mean that your blog buds are turning out cowpies.”

    God, that tickled me. Y’never know…. Bongo finds the weirdest ways to amuse himself; he might be.

  6. Amuirin, if the right cows eat flowering buds, they will become the nicest of pies. As for other byproducts, I am reminded of a commercial I saw in college, when we would go see old movies such as Reefer Madness or Clockwork Orange or Fantasia in various budding altered states ourselves. They played the funniest ads they could. We all got a hoot out of the Carnation milk ad. It showed a pastoral field full of complacent cud-chewing cows, with this slogan: “Carnation, the milk from contented cows.”

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