I comb free digital picture sites sometimes, looking for arresting images. All for the blog of course, not to indulge a maidenly thrill in mermaids, demons and pegasii, the very thought.

Today, I came across this fella, swishing his downy backside in the tickly field of a golden landscape.


‘Eros’ he’s called. Eros indeed, and are those the Elysian Fields? Fuzzy torso aside, I’d invite this deliciously pagan warrior to my picnic blanket. The background is pure ‘Dandelion’. (Remember the children’s book about the gentle lion, illustrated in hues of yellow?) He could shave and show up in Homer’s Trojan battlefield, or take that mane to the woodland scenes of Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night’s Dream. But let’s leave him here, this literature evoking amalgamation, dreamed up in the psyche of *somebody*. (The site gave no artist’s credit) He can guard over the blog like an earthen archangel.


8 thoughts on “Eros

  1. He’s a handsome fella. The upkeep on that mane must be difficult. Perhaps he’s not vain, but I imagine something that buff would be interested in looking good for possible picnic blanket encounters.

  2. I feel inspired by a desire for a cold soy product. I have no idea if my desire is in any way connected to this picture other than feeling the desire at the same time as first looking at the picture.

    I don’t think I can deal with “Captain Underpants” being read out loud again so I’m going to the grocery store.

  3. So, I can be a bit pernickety about imaginary places, so I think you mean Elysium (or the Elysian Fields, if you prefer) rather than Valhalla, which was actually a hall for rather brutal parties. Elysium was the golden fields.
    Still, either way it’s a great picture.

  4. stevo- Yeah. And look at that grip!

    Bongo- okie doke. Sometime, you must relate to me the story of Captain Underpants.

    A.C.- Thanks for the tip. It didn’t look right.

  5. Wow. While I have never been much for hairy guys, there is something rather…erotic about this guy (which I assume is to be expected when one considers the name!) But I have to agree with stevo…while he might not necessarily be vain, there is something about the aura that comes across which says “yeah, I’m good looking…and I know it!”

    But somehow, one gets the feeling this is not a guy you say “no” to easily. That can be both exciting…and dangerous.

  6. ocean1025- Yeah, I tilted my head and I could see where he looks a little arrogant. I thought the facial expression was almost like the Disney version of Tarzan. Concentrated and a little primal.

    Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your Harry Potter posts.

    Paul- *laughs* you have your own reserved picnic blanket, Senor Paul. But you’re going to hafta put my lawn back where you found it before we share a wheel of brie.

  7. “Paul- *laughs* you have your own reserved picnic blanket, Senor Paul. But you’re going to hafta put my lawn back where you found it before we share a wheel of brie.”

    There goes any dreariness I might be feeling today!

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