I woke today with the inexplicable certainty that something good is going to happen. I haven’t planned anything major for the weekend. There’s not a shape on the horizon that I can see taking form yet, but something sweet lies just beyond my vision.

I just know.


9 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. What an interesting feeling! You must let us know how things turn out!

    Wasn’t it Emerson who said that we are lucky to wake up optimistic more than three times after the age of 30? Of course, he was writing before modern medicine and all of today’s creature comforts. Perhaps we should not discount how much those things have contributed to our feelings of well being.

  2. aos- That’s true. This is actually a photo from Hawaii. But we live next to that same Ocean, and it’s a beautiful place, so you’re right about that.

    Paul- I know I often take my creature comforts for granted. This is a beautiful place, and we live in a time where the age of thirty is usually less than half a lifetime. There’s a lot to make everyday good.

    Still and all, I have a hint of that feeling you get near to christmas. (gleeful whisper:) something’s gonna happen.

  3. The feeling must be contagious as now I’m feeling all excited, as if something good is going to happen.

    I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  4. I applaud your lack of imagination. When I look at the picture, I see marauding goats. Maybe they’re friendly marauding goats. Most goats are friendly. Still, the word marauding brings fear to my liver.

    I haven’t been exercising my liver much lately. One might hope that weasel words would inspire me but he’s AFK today. Oh. My. Goodness gracious me oh my. What to do?

    I think I’ll have a shower again today. I’m not sure what else. Probably I’ll send the one email that I have to send and then go outside.

  5. I didn’t want to harsh my posts mellow. So far I’ve had to contend with *censored for sake of masculine fragility*, I’ve lost my car-keys, and I failed to place in a writing contest.

    But it is a beautiful day. :)

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