Grog! Mmpf! Fleedle….

I think all the article writing and Harry Potter reading killed off a wide swath of brain cells. Forming thoughts into coherent sentences has felt like driving nails through my forehead, the last couple of days.

I was going to go find an article at digg to let you chew on, but I think it’s fated I write something, because the only news worthy items at the moment is some kitty-cat who predicted death, and a study that finds obesity is contagious among friends.

Ok, that’s what our paranoid, shallow, fear-infested culture needs to hear. For anyone bolting the door and starting to plan a solitary life, the likelihood of ‘catching’ obesity was purely psychological, not physical. And I really wish funded research would find something useful to do.

I like blogging. I like the people in my blogging community. I like checking out what’s new with all of you, even if writing becomes an exercise in banging my head against the keyboard.

Oh. I have an idea.

I’ll write about YOU. Ha!

Lots of you read each other already. So here’s some stuff happening around my little blog sphere, and link-ups if you wanna visit.

Ass of Steel has drowned Hello, Kitty in what appears to be tar.

Robin applied a dramatic, new theme to Bountiful Healing, and I’ve decided to like it.

Newcomer to my blog-world, Paul of Cafe Philos has brought in a new writer, Eryn Leigh. She’s vivid. Paul’s posts are really thought-provoking, and he’s looking for new blog reads.

Inane ramblings hasn’t been inane or rambling, but there have been some great photos over there.

Ombudsben wrote a fantastic post about music called ‘Cult of the New’ (part II)

Tim Sandlin has presented a fun exploration of the sexual preferences of Rodeo Cowboys when they are obliged to self-service in seedy motels.

Sloth and Molo of Unrealistic Expectations have a discussion going about comments on blogs. Might be interesting to weigh in.


K, that’s about half. You can check those people out while my brain rewires around the craters.

[Retraction: aos did not drown Hello, Kitty in what appears to be tar. aos would never employ such a heinous act. He merely posted a picture of somebody else drowning our large-headed feline friend in what still appears to be tar.]


8 thoughts on “Grog! Mmpf! Fleedle….

  1. That was fun…did not agree with music and just had to post though that one got me in the mood for a rant (unfortunately a tired old rant).

  2. aos- Oh good. Ben was looking for someone to debate with. I didn’t agree with him about modern music, either, but I still loved the post. Really well written.

  3. I’m glad you’ve decided to like it. I’ve decided to like too.

    Looks like some interesting stuff is going on. I’m off to check it out.

  4. Insomnia again. Awake since two. Just come down to read — interesting stuff! A, thanks for the nod, and thanks to those who visited & posted. It’s five now and I’m off to see if sweet Morpheus might not let me slumber for an hour or two.

  5. I’m glad you all think so. I sure like reading you.

    Ben- Morpheus, that ol’ bum. Came across a poem I rather liked when I was researching an article called ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’ by Sylvia Plath.

    the poem wandered a lot, but there were some parts that talked-
    so I cut out what I didn’t like. (Sorry Sylvia)

    “A cool wind should inhabit these leaves
    And a dew collect on them,
    In the blue hour before sunup.
    Yet they recede, untouchable as tomorrow,
    Or those glittery fictions of spilt water
    That glide ahead of the very thirsty.

    I think of the lizards airing their tongues
    In the crevice of an extremely small shadow
    And the toad guarding his heart’s droplet.

    The desert is white as a blind man’s eye,
    and comfortless as salt.”

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