I had the weirdest dream. I was in this foreign country, and people’s heads kept falling off. This wasn’t the end for them, they would pick up their heads and reattach them again. But it was a wide spread ailment, and there were lots of heads on the ground at any one time having discussions, exclaiming, rolling their eyes.

I had some kind of quest, like Dorothy in Oz, but despite the sense of urgency I don’t think I ever became cognizant of what it was.

The sky was a really weird color, and I had a pet crocodile who had to be yanked back on his leash so he didn’t make a meal of the heads on the ground.

I woke up, and the dream had left me curled in a tight ball with my shoulders bunched up. I was stressed! My dream actually stressed me out, because even while it receded and real life came seeping in, I was still sleepily fretting that the head-falling-off thing would prove contagious.



28 thoughts on “Head-case

  1. Sorry to hear your night was so stressful!

    Do you think dreams have meanings? And, if so, can their meanings be interpreted? Or, are dreams just random firings of neurons, as some psychologists have said?

  2. Paul- Hm. Hm, hm, hm. I think dreams are like art. Art can mean something, art can convey a message, but a lot of the time it’s value comes from being beautiful and strange. Also, art-work is always uniquely personal. I don’t think different people have the same dreams, I think they’re as distinctive to each person as art-work is.

    Dreams are a product of the brain that can be a vessel for the heart or the spirit.

    What do you think?

  3. I hope it doesn’t prove contagious. I’ve been known to lose my head, but not in the literal sense.

    It’s strange how stressful dreams can be. Weird stuff goes on in the head at night. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even my head that’s coming up with all the weird stuff.

    All this talk of heads has me hyper-conscious of my head and now I’m going to worry that it will fall off.

  4. For some reason, I frequently discuss the possibility that the heads of the people will become detached from their bodies. In my discussions, the heads go traveling around a bit. I think that it comes from the phrase “heads will roll”.

    I think I want more coffee.

  5. Dreams often freak me out. Last night’s sleepfest had me naked from the waist down while conversing with the school’s principal. I woke up scared yet aroused.

    I would love to have a crocodile on a leash. That’s power.

  6. Hah! Yesterday, one of my kids forgot to put pants on and realized it on entering the living room. I thought that saying nothing would be the path that would be least likely to leading my child to developing a complex.

    On the other hand, I’ve been teaching my kids to say, “Stop it. You’re giving me a complex.” to their teachers.

  7. Robin- You? Lose your head? I just can’t picture it, somehow. I know what you mean about wondering if it’s your own brain that’s composing all that. As I was reading this post, I figured out where the head falling off probably came from: Sierra and I played ‘Barbies’ the other day, and her Ken dolls both have heads that won’t stay on.

    Bongo- Look, you started a pantsless precedent some time ago. I think you should embrace semi-nudity since you invited it and all.

    stevo- It’s Bongo’s fault, the naked thing. Yeah, a crocodile on a leash would be pretty nifty, huh? But knowing our neighbors, they’d likely complain.

  8. It is contagious. More and more people are utterly divorced from reality and common sense and though many of them experience this as freedom, they have just placed themselves withing reach of the crocodiles of justice. Hey, even lizards have to eat.

  9. I have an advanced condition of this ailment. When I lose my head it doesn’t fall to the ground, it goes right up my ass.

    This is really a problem when my foot is also in my mouth.

  10. And I just recalled…did you know that the symbolist(?) poet Gerard de Nerval used to parade around Paris with a pet lobster on the end of a ribbon. (I wonder if this had some influence on Dali and his shellfish fetish).

  11. Slothboy- well, you’re a surrealist canvas just waiting to happen. If it ever gets lodged, try oatmeal. *nods* Works wonders.

    aos- Well, that sounds a lot like the sort of antic you’d expect of a french symbolist poet.

    I wish I had a google notepad. Y’know, like a widget I could just add the growing list of things I need to google to, and if you highlight a phrase, name or word it googles it automatically.

    How lazy is that? Here I am on the computer, and having to open a window and type ‘www.google.com’ is now too much effort.

    ‘Crocodiles of Justice’.


  12. If life were a dream…what i find intriguing about dreams is that suspension of the usual reactions. Are we using some pre-emotional strategies (something more animal) or post-emotional or are we simply lobotomized when we dream? We do seem to be more viewer than participant even we are doing things, maybe we are being allowed to be both.

    Time for an extreme seque….ever see Oklahoma ? (the musical, film version); there is a dream sequence which is insanely out of touch with the rest of the film; dark and sinister in the midst of the fairly light hearted pastoral.

  13. I started the whole pantsless thing? I suppose that’s possible. Maybe I’m older than you are. I’m not really sure. In that case, I think I may have been born without pants, that would mean I did it before you. On the other hand, I’m just betting that my mother wasn’t wearing pants when I was born so I think she did it before me. Then again, I can’t really remember having been born. My mother used to tell me that I just grew like cabbage and corn. So, I’m feeling extremely dubious about this whole thing.

    I think Crocodiles of Justice is such a good phrase that I’m going to search for it now. If anyone else has used it, I’ll consider the possibility that they might be almost as cool as you are.

  14. Bongo- It was aos that said ‘crocodile of justice’, and I can confirm that he might be almost as cool as me, or even more so.

    aos- Yeah, of anything I might have expected you to say next, ‘ever see Oklahoma?’ was not on the list. I’ve actually been in the musical Oklahoma. Just a teeny part. I remember the part you’re referring to, it revolved around the taciturn character, can’t remember the name.

    Curly was a hottie.

  15. Yes. So it was. Sometimes, I think of the computer as a single undivided entity that I communicate with. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I think of my computer as a little device that is connected by twisted pair copper wire to another computational device that is again connected via wires and eventually to little light tubes and many many of the humans who all leave little messages for one another in the hope of finding some sort of connection to other beings whose brains are superficially similar in structure but different enough that real communication is problematical and confusing.

    And, yep. Aos is cool. I was wondering about the possibility of finding some new independent entity that was also cool. Sometimes such things happen. I found you. I thought you were cool.

  16. Bongo- I went and looked. Vini, Vici, Verfunct.

    Anime blogging is impenetrable to me. It doesn’t seem as dangerous as cat-blogging though.

    And I’m so glad you did. There’s tag-surfing, you know. click on a category and just sift, sift, sift,, sift…

    like panning for gold.

  17. Hah! I found you with the right arrow at the top. Some times it is pretty painful doing that.

    I think it is a bit like panning for gold in your own sink. Unless you’ve dropped an earing in there, there’s not much chance of finding anything. But, I have found a couple of good ones that way. Hmmm.

    Here’s a bit of gold I found years ago that way on another site but I guess it was here all along:

  18. Nope. Julia GULIA THE MOOSE is an entirely different person. I didn’t discover her. I don’t know who did. Maybe she discovered herself.

    I’ve discovered very few people people who are cool by clicking the ‘next’ button. I had randomly good luck early on (again on another site). I found: http://teaspoon.wordpress.com/

    I’ve found a few that way here. I think this site has a pretty high proportion of non-idiot bloggers — either that or their ‘next’ button is smart. (I’m inclined to suspect that their next button isn’t entirely random). I’ve found a fair number here that seemed quite sensible but just not stuff that I felt like reading about.

  19. “Paul- Hm. Hm, hm, hm. I think dreams are like art. Art can mean something, art can convey a message, but a lot of the time it’s value comes from being beautiful and strange. Also, art-work is always uniquely personal. I don’t think different people have the same dreams, I think they’re as distinctive to each person as art-work is.

    Dreams are a product of the brain that can be a vessel for the heart or the spirit.

    What do you think?”

    I think that’s such a fresh and true view of dreams that I must surely steal it. *attempts to post it to his own blog under his own name, is seized by truth police and cavity searched*

  20. I’ve always liked thinking about the explanation for dreams that you make them up at the moment of waking. The reason a door slam in real life coincides with a pivotal moment in the dream is that you hear the slam and create the narrative. So would that mean there are no dreams? Only almost instantaneous stories built backwards?

    And why do I have so few? Is it for the lack of slamming doors?

  21. :)

    I actually love talking about sleep and dreams.

    You know. I remember learning about sensation and perception in a college class, and when I put it together it was just like you described dreams.

    Even as the senses are relaying information into the brain, the brain is synthesizing that new data into the framework by which it interprets the new data. . .

    It’s 7:26 am. My brain’s fighting it lol. I can’t find the exact words, but the fact our brains can incorporate sounds into our dreams as instantaneously as the senses relay that information was how I understood it.

    the instantaneous stories … that’s kind of a new way of explaining the way dreams might work. That’s cool. I don’t know about the backwards part though. There was a summer I worked in a pickle factory because it was the only job I could find and I needed to make some money for college. It was along a conveyor belt, same motion over and over.

    Went home and dreamed of pickles. Of being at work. Like 8 hours of putting pickles in a jar weren’t enough. We made up weird stories to pass the time, and sometimes parts of those stories came alive in the dream, too.

    You must enter REM sleep most every night if you’re still sane and healthy, so you dream. The question might be, why don’t you remember?

  22. The backwards part, which naturally wouldn’t work on a pickle line, is because your brain is constructing an explanation for the slam, and it can’t do that before it happens UNLESS it has multiple narratives already in play and finds one that is close and tweaks it. (John Irving who worked in apple orchards, said that he created his stories backwards. He saw an East Indian man standing on the corner in Toronto, snow falling down around him, and as he drove by this man, Irving wondered not only who this man was but how did he come to be in this place.)

    Not remembering? I’ve had sleep issues much of my life…mostly insomnia. Not so much now but for years it was the case, and that might somehow have something to do with it. I do know that I have always envied the dreamers (for me its lucky if I get one a year).

  23. That’s a very entertaining dream to read about, though perhaps not quite so pleasurable to experience. Perhaps it is symbolic of your inner crocodilish desire to wreak havoc upon stupid people who surround you. Or perhaps that is my inner crocodilish desire. Except that in my case, I want to wreak havoc on the stupid people around me.

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