“Have you ever seen an elephant fly?”

Y’know the Dursleys? In Harry Potter?

Oh yeah, you guys don’t read Harry Potter. But you watch the movies, so you might know the Dursleys. These stiff and formal muggles can’t stand anything that falls outside their safe and predictable sphere. They’re afraid of the unknown.

I kinda like the unknown. I think it’s inspiring that’s there is so much that can not be explained. It gives me hope, because if human beings had all the answers and the world was still run the way it is… k, that would be scary.

Have you ever seen or experienced something that you couldn’t explain? Or, here’s one, do you ever detect a strange connection between yourself and all living things, all the future and all the past, like a veil is being lifted and letting you see with more than your eyes for a moment?

I’m thinking this out before breakfast, and it’s like walking through ink.

Paranormal is so often applied to describe science fiction, that the brain immediately heads toward alien encounters, but paranormal means ‘denoting events or phenoma that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding’.

This covers an infinite range of possibilities.

(I love that phrase… ‘an infinite range of possibilities’ )

In other words, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

That’s pretty exciting, really.


8 thoughts on ““Have you ever seen an elephant fly?”

  1. I find that whole connection to living things to be really a strange phenomenon.

    Why you ask? Well, first off, I’ve never had that feeling. I’ve had the feeling of being connected to all living things on earth but not to all living things. The other vaguely related feeling that I’ve had is a connection to all of the matter (living or non-living) in this universe. When I get that feeling, I’m not really able to distinguish living from non-living things.

    I guess I wonder why someone would want to be connected to just living things. I suppose you want that though.

  2. I have seen an elephant fly, in a metaphorical sense. Life is filled with strange phenomena.

    And there was Dumbo, but he was animated.

    I love that phrase too. There’s nothing like “an infinite range of possibilities” to open up the world and create all sorts of space.

  3. Robin- creating space, that’s a neat idea.

    Today when I looked at your blog I liked the new theme more than yesterday. It is a great look. Just hafta get used to it.

  4. I’ve had such a feeling a few times and I guess what I find odd, and maybe its just me but when I feel it is me and all nature but not humans. Somehow they are just not part of the equation. Lying in grass looking at the sky and it hits.

    But I’m with Stevo; don’t need the answers but love the questions. I think that a lot of lame thinking goes on my those who demand conclusions or closure or explanations that they just don’t have enough information to arrive at, The world is remarkable and enigmatic and mysterious; (we just have to) deal with it.

  5. Slothboy- That can’t be it.

    stevo- Large, purple, and full of beans.

    aos- interesting. I can’t say that I’m usually aware of other humans, but I”m not usually aware of everything in a separate way either. I just know all of it for a sec. I donno,

    remarkable. mysterious. I like thinking of the world that way. It makes it seem intriguing.

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