Just a Monday mornin’. Eating a bowl of oatmeal, staring out the window, wondering what to make of the day.

I kinda feel like



11 thoughts on “Oatmeal

  1. I once heard a guy describe a girl that he dated as having the personality of oatmeal. He didn’t mean this in a kind way. He was trying to say that she was bland, blah, uninteresting, dull. I find oatmeal, especially in the midst of a cold winter morning, to be comforting and easy on the stomach. Monday is a good oatmeal day I’d say.

  2. somethingisfishy- yes, that’s how my daughter likes hers,with cinnamon and sugar. I like a bit of granola on top for texture. *crunch*

    Paul= uh oh. Headache? Hope it cleared up.

    bibliomom- Gosh, I wonder why he dated her if he thought that about her? Sound like they didn’t bring out the best in eachother. I’d agree, I think of oatmeal as wholesome and nutritious, if not neccessarily fireworks inspiring. ;)

  3. I like this post.

    I also think your next post is clever but I have some sort of allergy to poetry and so I can’t comment there. Hmm.

    I have another thing I’m going to do on the net and then I’m going to try to get my eyes to focus.

  4. Paul- You know, I always read your blog posts, and they never give me a headache. Maybe I”m doin it wrong.

    Bongo- I’m glad you enjoyed it, though I rather wonder if the experience would have diminished if your eyes *did* focus.

    Robin- that put me in mind of something Grandpa John used to repeat over his bowl of shredded wheat.

    “I’m rarely consistent, but I’m _always_ regular.”

  5. “Paul- You know, I always read your blog posts, and they never give me a headache. Maybe I”m doin it wrong.”

    Try reading them backwards. I read all my posts backwards in order to find out what I really meant to say. Quite often, my posts turn out to be touchingly passionate, sensitive poetry subconsciously written to my Acme Latex Love Doll. But the other day, for the first time, my posts proclaimed “Cheney is Satan’s fascist butler”. It frightened me.

  6. Ha! I knew it.

    That Acme Latex Love Doll again, huh?

    I ‘lol’ed, but I didn’t want to type ‘lol’ because that would be the daily ‘lol’ quota.

  7. Try ROTFLMAO. I can type that up to seven times per day.

    And, yes. Paul made me grin one of those grins of amusement that I like to do.

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