Hiccups for two months

This poor woman, Mary Keener, had hiccups for two months before doctors finally cured her. She went to 10 different doctors, and finally a specialist was able to diagnose her hiccups as an allergic reaction to a substance at her place of work.

Hiccups sound fairly harmless, sure. This sounds like an amusing little ice-breaker for parties, “Goodness darling, remember that time I had hiccups for 61 days? I hiccuped right through my 20 year highschool reunion.” (polite titters)

Alas, no! Hiccups are not amusing. Hiccups are a leeching, invidious curse that can drain away your joy and leave you ‘Hih-Uhh’ ing for help like a desperately doomed political captive before the firing squad. Oh woe to those who bring down the wrath of the spastic diaphragm gods upon their person, for they will never know the joys of an untainted respiratory system again.

You don’t believe me? You think I’m being overdramatic? You think hiccups are laughable in the face of such modern day horrors as lung cancer and HIV? Okay, you epiglottis-ignorers, I won’t argue with you. I’m not going to attempt to derail your outlook, but allow me to present the before and after pictures of Mary Keener in relation to her treacherous hiccup ordeal.

Mary Keener before two months of hiccups:


Mary Keener after two months of hiccups:


Now do you believe me?


5 thoughts on “Hiccups for two months

  1. Historical revisionism!

    Your second picture changed. At first, I believed but now I think this must be some kind of invention of an inventive mind.

  2. Ben- that was some very informative information about the hiccup.

    The joke at the end almost ruined the whole experience though. (not really, I laughed at the corniness)

    Bongo – shhhhh. Keep it on the quiet, see? Yes, I removed the actual Mary Keener’s photo, because I thought it was kinda mean to use it.

  3. Ok, I know you’re poking fun at the poor woman with hiccups, but I’ll tell you, it happened to me! I started a new medication, and for WEEKS I was hiccuping constantly.. Couldn’t sleep, nothing. I swore up and down that it had to be the medication, but the doctor said there was no documentation of hiccups as a side effect.. But he took me off of it, and sure enough the hiccups stopped! Crazy stuff.

    Starting Today
    I See Dc

  4. startingtoday- I was poking a bit of fun at the situation, but I do think it would be awful, and you affirmed that. The sleep thing, particularly. I wonder how that poor guy who had it for 65 years managed to live, if he was hiccuping during sleep time.

    I guess after awhile he’d hafta adapt to sleeping with the hiccups.

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