We deliver. Sort of.

‘Platypus’ is a misnomer.

I promised my weeble people videos of platypii mating. Do you know, footage of this wondrous act is a great deal more elusive then say, footage of elephants mating? Giraffes are a great deal more promiscuous than the platypus, and so are dogs, snow leopards and muppets. It’s not unthinkable, in fact, that platypii are an asexual alien race that lurk in our mudbanks and reproduce through advanced cloning methods.

Don’t freak out yet, I have no actual evidence of this, but it is a possibility that you should be aware of. These videos were the best I could do for you, dear vaunted weeble people. (the following may not be suitable for a younger viewing audience)

This video isn’t really suitable for any audience at all. The narrator’s voice is passing creepy, and the screenplay and cinematography actually earn minus points. Enjoy.

(Yep, I’m finishing some actual work. A real post is in the works for tonight or tomorrow. All this potent, animal eroticism is just a stop-gap.)


2 thoughts on “We deliver. Sort of.

  1. I think the problem with getting such footage is that platypii are so freaking ugly that they’re not even attractive to each other. I’m pretty sure they reproduce like amoebas do. Because really . . . I’m sure every platypus’ ambition is to get laid by a real duck.

  2. Hmmph. Real platypii are cute. You were right about the second video. It wasn’t suitable for anybody. I didn’t watch the whole 2:12 of it. I did notice that the entity (I don’t really want to use the word person) that created it used the word “reatarded” [sic].

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