The Unpost Post

I’m not blogging today. Or tomorrow. I made myself tired with the in-depth moral exploration of torture and then the abridged edition of my highschool memoirs. All that writing, and on the WEEKEND, too. No one blogs on the weekend. No one reads blogs on the weekend. Well, I have 127 hits that say different, so bwa-ha-ha.


That was kinda sad, wasn’t it? 127 hits, that’s like how many hits that stupid cat blog gets in half an hour. At 3a.m. On the 4th of July.

So lower your expectations in these quarters. We’ll start with the history and evolution of the G-string on Tuesday, then maybe a few videos of platypii mating, followed by an exhaustive catalogue of my teenage love poetry.

Watch this space.


12 thoughts on “The Unpost Post

  1. I was daunted by your prolifericity (yeah, that’s not a word according to the firefox spell checker but then again firefox isn’t a word either so I’m not buying into this whole spell checking thing).

    You have more hits than I have. I have no clue how hits work. They appear to come entirely at random.

    Right after I claimed that I’d detected a pattern in the hits I was getting (few on weekends and batches on weekdays), the pattern reversed itself. Sort of. I don’t get batches at all these days. Maybe it is summer. I haven’t ever consistently blogged through the summer before. It could be that students aren’t busy wasting time online reading freakazoid blogs instead of doing assignments. I don’t know. Don’t really care. Let there be songs to fill the air. Hmm. I seem to have gotten carried away with something or other.

    I think I’ll read your not quite so recent posts now.

  2. How do weekend hits count when time zones are taken into consideration? If using GMT I had 40 hits over the weekend. But, using GMT +8, my time zone, I would have 90 hits. It doesn’t matter, in any time zone, half of them are probably my mother.

    I’m interested in the evolution of the G-String. What were this garment’s humble beginnings? I’ll stay tuned.

  3. Bongo- Your commenting prowess daunts me too. So the double-dauntings can cancel eachother out. It’s that or create a space-vortex, and I just don’t have it in me on a Monday.

    (I’m going to speak for the rest of this comment in a pompous professorial manner) The mathematical formulae for hit counts are easy to discern. If one talks about the Apple I-phone, boobies, or who Jessica Simpson is having sex with, the hits will rocket into the stratosphere. Adorable cat-pictures seem to mimic this phenomenon for a brief period of time.

    If you write thoughtful, engaging posts, you’ll get a few thoughtful, engaging hits. The numbers can seem discouraging, but are easily padded by multiple visits from one’s mother, as stevo suggested. If you can teach your adorable cats how to hit the refresh button, this talent can also be capitalized upon.

    Hi Simonne! You know, I see you at so many of the sites I frequent. It seems a little non-sequitur to mention it, but since you’ve come to visit I’ve been wanting to point out that you look just like my 2nd favorite character on the West-Wing, Donna. It’s eerie. The character is from Wisconsin, and your resemblance almost made me ask you if you’re from Wisconsin, too.

  4. 127 hits? That’s more than I do on a good day (with two exceptions: when I wrote about my feet and all the foot fetish people converged on my blog and when I gave out the recipe for red-beet eggs which is almost as popular as cats on that stupid cat blog).

    I read on the weekends, but wasn’t able to keep up with you this past weekend. I’ll make up for that later in the week when things are settled down again.

    After reading your advice to Bongo, I think I’ll go write a post about boobies. Or maybe I won’t have to since I posted a photo of my (now deceased) cat. I’ll let you know how that turns out in terms of hits.

  5. Robin: Thinking about the 127 hits has made me wonder — I think my hit counts are about the same as yours — the searches that lead to me make me laugh though but I think that’s caused by friends who read me first and then construct a funny search that will find me.

    amuirin and Robin: Anyway, I have a lewd idea. Perhaps I’ll blog it Tuesday instead of the serious thing that I have in my mind in reply to the torture one you wrote. Heck. Torture can just wait. It isn’t like my pronouncements are going to stop anything.

    amuirin: By the way, my recollection of my finding your blog was that I was playing a game of press the little arrow at the top right of the window and happened upon your anti-cat blogger post and thought you wrote funny things so I stayed and I still think that except I also think you write good serious things too.

    Everybody in the universe: last night I played ‘next blog’ on blogspot for a while. It was an abysmal failure. I found not a single interesting and readable blog. There may have been some that were interesting but they weren’t in English. The English ones were at best diaries of fourteen year olds — I have nothing against such things but they aren’t of interest to me. The majority were spamoid. It makes me think WordPress really rules in that it is run very well.

  6. Generally my hits have averaged around 20 or so and then this last weekend for one day I hit close to 400. Pure luck. I had posted a video which I found on another site and then I ended up as a source for that video on

  7. Oscarandre- Heh, if your style’s any indication… you’re about the story, yes? I do that sometimes, particularly when I’m looking at the personal ads in the newspaper. All these faces and generic comments, I look at the features and wonder what the back-story is behind all those half hopeless little blurbs.

    david- both. *hedges bets*

    Robin- well, that was for two days, the 48 hour weekend total was 172. I remember you saying that, about the foot post. That was hilarious. Not much in this world can be counted on, but deviants are as reliable as the sun-rise.

    aos- The Erik Truffaz video? It was really good. If anyone is a music lover, check out ‘Ass of Steel’, three posts down, and hit the music link. I was pleasantly surprised.

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