…but oddly refreshing.


5 thoughts on “Inexplicable…

  1. After Audhumla licked Ymir out of the primordial ice, the ice melted and Audhumla went for a swim. One might note that the ocean is indeed Ymir’s blood. One can tell that it is the blood of a supernatural being since it has such things as dolphins and squid in it. Natural beings do not have dolphins and squid in their blood.

  2. Once again, you out-interestinged my post, Bongo, but I forgive you because I really like your weird stories.

    You likely know this, but ‘Ymir’ means “old Norse gravel yeller”. Wikipedia would not comment upon what an Old Norse gravel yeller was.

    It must be dirty.

  3. Ymir was a giant. As a giant, he was quite large. That does make me wonder a bit about how a simple (though likely sacred) cow like Audhumla could have licked him from the primordial ice. Of course, given how the world has turned out, I also wonder why Audhumla licked him out of said ice. But then I remember that mine is not the place to wonder about the motivations of Audhumla. My current moral task is wondering about El-ahrairah’s motivations.

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