Passing Thought (nutty)

Who was it that thought walnuts might be nice to eat? Growing up, our neighbor had a walnut tree, and I remember the nuts being coated by a thick, black outer layer that seemed to grow more and more foul as the nuts ripened. They smelled bad, too. We’d be running around their yard without shoes on, and occasionally squash these slimy, black little sacks of putrid underfoot.

Maybe that was a special kind of walnut tree. I don’t know. But I’d really like to meet the mind that would survey this squelching pocket of foul-smelling slime and go, “Hmm. I wonder what it tastes like.”


5 thoughts on “Passing Thought (nutty)

  1. If you think they look or smell unapatizing now, imagine how they must have been thousands of years ago. Human cultivation and animal consumption have helped change most edible vegitiation into a form much more appealing to the human eye and palatte.

    I imagine that a person must have watched an animal attempting to eat and walnut and thought it might be tasty. However, the effort was probably on the whole not worthwhile at first. Yet, the ones that opened most readily were the ones consumed and therefore the ones who were able to reproduce themselves. Over time, walnuts have probably gottten thinner or more easy to break shells.

    Thanks for the comment on my Blog…I really appreciate it since i’m just getting started :)

  2. I have to disagree with symphonyofdissent (who by the way has provided no link to his/her blog and thus I can’t click on said link to leave a comment there thus making said entity feel ever so pleased with having attention from a complete stranger who might be a ROBOT).

    The ones that were consumed did not reproduce.

    I suspect that the culture of people long ago made them look more appetizing than raw ones do now.

    Don’t you just wonder about this? I mean, this is a nice silly post and the comments are waxing serious. I never can tell how things like this are going to go.

  3. blackcadillac- I’m fond of them too. Filberts even more so.

    symphonyofdissent- yep, that follows some of what I got on Wikipedia. You’re very knowledgable about nuts! We need a nut expert around here. ;) If you need help making your nickname link, I just recently figured that out myself.

    Bongo, bongo, bongo, nice to see you. I do believe will take you there. You and your ROBOTs, it’s a mystery.

    Yeah, it is really weird to see how the threads turn. That sounds a bit like a crazy soap opera, don’t it? ‘How the THread Turns’.

  4. Thanks and I’m thinking that the ROBOT thing might have gone on long enough and is no longer funny even as a running joke. So, I might just quit it out.

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