Tag, I’m It.


Robin of Bountiful Healing has kindly tagged me for a Thinking Bloggers Award. Now, I know it’s chic to shrug this off and talk about how everyone’s a thinker, and pretend to be irritated for having to tag someone else when you hardly even deserve the award to begin with,

but you know and I know, that it’s actually delightful to have someone think you have something worth saying in these vast stretches of perspective and words.

So I’m going to post my badge, and follow the rules, but we’re gonna keep it a secret. Yep, you and me, my ten dear readers. We’re going to diligently avoid letting the new tagees know that they’ve been tagged, therefore allowing them to duck their obligation to re-tag while still giving me the opportunity to show some of my favorite blogs off.

So here’s my choices. Keep it on the sly. Tip-toe, whisper. Yeah, yeah you can click on them but QUIETLY, okay? They’ll never even know we were here.

Wisdom of the Capybara is both satisfying substance, and food for thought. I’ve not yet blogrolled this site, but I have several times had my interest piqued by posts that I see when blog surfing. I think it’s definitely worth a look-see.

The Eclectic Garden is my next pick. I’m new to this blog, having read it only a few times, but the author, Oscarandre, never fails to make an impact. The quality of writing is reason enough to check him out.

Not Exactly Rocket Science is a great read for people like me who would rather pick up a popular science magazine than sift through the celebrity/fashion junk. I love the weird things that author Ed Yong finds to post about. He’s given me some great thinks.

Author Tim Sandlin’s Blog doesn’t make me think so much as laugh. We all need a laugh every now and again, and some of his posts are classics.

Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer has developed a lot of momentum of late. This blog sometimes makes you think, sometimes makes you laugh, and if you want to test out your intellectual acumen, wade into the lively band of witty commenters who have made this blog their club-house.

Pretty much every link on the blogroll to the right is worthy of recognition for thinking., I tried to avoid those people who I know have been recently tagged for an award or meme or some other bloggity thing. (Ombudsben and Alabaster Crippens were spared for this reason.)

So get clickin’! And remember… “shhhhh…”.

8 thoughts on “Tag, I’m It.

  1. Wowie! You beat me to this topic. I was thinking of writing an anti-tag post this week. I think I will just wait until the memory of this has slightly faded so that my post doesn’t seem so much like bandwagonery.

  2. With pleasure. *waves to the empty air where Ed Yong isn’t really standing*

    Bongo- Did I win anything? bandwagonery goes hand in hand with blogging. Imitate and imitate well, that’s my motto.

    Well, ok, my motto is really ‘Ad astra per aspera’.

  3. I used to hand out BONGO points. I’m thinking since this site doesn’t have points, there’s not much reason for doing that.

    Thus, I’m now thinking that I’ll have to think for a bit before coming up with a suitably silly award.

    That makes me think that the whole idea won’t work. Planned out spontaneous silliness is rarely as silly as one would like.

    Ooops. Phone. That’s it for this comment.

  4. Hey, kiddo, thanks for tagging Tim Sandlin. I met him some years ago at an Oregon fixture called Fishtrap, have nearly all of his books, and am looking forward to reading him on an ongoing basis. Cool guy. He and Karen Karbo (another cool guy) did a presentation on why comedy can only be written by unhappy people that lives with me to this day.

  5. Moonjelly- Yay! The produce let you free for a little while. Sandlin is interesting to read. You know, I never heard of him till I read his blog. The fact that he was a published author filtered in after the fact. His blog lead’s to his other site (i think on amazon?) and it’s interesting to read, too.

    …now I’m gonna google ‘Fishtrap, Oregon’.

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