Flak in my head

I have a lot of miscellaneous, like, junk in my cerebral cortex today. Been typing it out, hoping to conjure a silk purse from a field of sow’s ears, but no banana.

The scary part is, what if I run out of pig-slop and there’s nothing left in there? I try to approach my words like house-cleaning; some thorough organizing of drawers and manic dusting will reveal a beautiful temple of brilliance, shining like a literary beacon out into the world. Hate as I do to admit it, this might just not be so.

There’s a silver lining, though, by which of course I mean that I have made one. In many Eastern religions the practice of meditation is supposed to lead you to divine silence. Silence of the mind, the ego, the subordination of the self; that is where you can commune with the divine.

So how great is that? If nothing’s happening, then something’s happening.

That’s a relief because I was going to spend the next half hour staring out the window, toying with that elusive triangle of hairs I always miss when I shave my legs.

This may be the best part of what I do today, you know? Explain to you how doing nothing is doing something.

Wasn’t that nice of me? Like, no problem.


3 thoughts on “Flak in my head

  1. There’s a Zen-like simplicity to your musings that represent the tip, not the ice berg. I like your daily, hourly, by-the-minute take on the world, the way you have of experiencing life, even the triviality, with such whimsy and intelligence. Your inner world is a rich one; I envy your imagination and ability to convey emotions, whether complex or representing nothing more than a small tangle of hair on your legs. Keep doing what you’re doing…

  2. Someone once commented on the mess of Einstein’s office at Princeton University.

    He replied by tapping hi forehead and saying, you should see what it’s like in here.

  3. Cliff- that was sure nice to read. You’re becoming a reverse muse in a manner of speaking, it’s heady to have your words read and appreciated in a certain way. I’ve been going through your site each day, and with a sigh of satisfaction I’ve now arrived at ‘spleen’. This should be good.

    ombudsben- Oh, I can relate. I can relate.

    And that’s very validating to hear his office was a mess. I’m going to pass that along the next time my mother ‘drops in for a visit’ -ie: shows up to clean out my refrigerator.

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