Old Friends

Hi :)

Anytime I look in here, I see old friends’ names from my blog circle and I smile & smile. Blogging was once so very essential, and it moved back in the priority list to make way for other hobbies, and then for other important things, but the fact remains I *loved* my ‘blog circle’, for lack of another term.

I have had very special friends here, people who represent in every important way the kind of people I seek in my life. Kind, intelligent, thoughtful, creative people, who invested in these circles of connectedness and I was lucky, and richer for knowing you. I never see one of your names without feeling that smile that goes all the way inside.

I hope you are all well. I’m going to take a peek here and there & see. It’s been such a very long time.


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4 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Good to see you here again. There aren’t a lot of us blogging on any kind of regular basis anymore, or so it looks like. I keep trying to get back into it but I never get more than three or four posts in a month then I am off again for awhile. I really would like to get back to it, though. I hope you and I can both get back to blogging on a bit more of a regular basis!

  2. Hello!!! It’s great to see you “pop up” again in the blog world. :D I was just thinking of you and our “blog circle.” You and the others who were part of the circle always bring on a deep kind of smile for me, too.

    I think Bo and I are among the few who still blog regularly. Everyone else seems to have moved on to Facebook and Twitter and whatever the newest thing may be. I suppose that’s how it should be. Still, I miss you. *Hugs*

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